[FREE] Logitech Wheel Plugin

Hello everyone,

A few months ago I created an Input Device Plugin for Logitech Wheels using Logitech’s Wheel SDK. I created the plugin as part of a job Project Gateway hired me to do, so a big thanks is owed to them for allowing me to release the plugin to the community for free. I’d also like to give a shout out to ENiKS and LALELiLU as their work on the Logitech G27 Plugin provided very useful reference material.

Now a little bit of info on the Plugin. I’ve tested the plugin using a G920 on UE 4.13, 4.14, and 4.15. From my understanding the plugin should also work with the following Logitech devices.

Supported Devices
G27, Driving Force GT, G25, Momo Racing, Momo Force, Driving Force Pro, Driving Force, Nascar Racing Wheel, Formula Force, Formula Force GP, Force 3D Pro, Extreme 3D Pro, Freedom 24, Attack 3, Force 3D, Strike Force 3D, G940 Joystick, G940 Throttle, G940 Pedals, Rumblepad, Rumblepad 2, Cordless Rumblepad 2, Cordless Gamepad, Dual Action Gamepad, Precision Gamepad 2, Chillstream, G29, G920

Blueprint Library: You can use the plugin completely through Blueprints. No C++ Required. A few of the BP functions include…

  • Get Wheel State
  • Play various force feedback effects (Centering Spring, Collision, Bumpy Road, Slippery Road, Dirt Road, Car Airborne, etc)
  • Play LEDs
  • Get Shifter Mode
  • Is Wheel Connected
  • Is Button Triggered, Released

Input Keys: I added input keys for the following inputs, which are kind of obsolete now that 4.15 has generic USB input keys for wheels.

  • Axis

  • Wheel

  • Throttle Pedal

  • Brake Pedal

  • Clutch Pedal

  • D-Pad (POV1)

  • Action

  • Face Buttons

  • Bumpers

  • Special Buttons

  • Stick Buttons

  • Xbox Button

Broken Functions - WheelButtonIsPressed, WheelGetFriendlyProductName

Pedals will output a value of 0.5 until the wheel/pedals receive any kind of input.

When playing in the editor, you must shutdown and initialize the wheel OnBeginPlay. This is not necessary when playing in standalone mode or a packaged game.

Download Links:
The Plugin](LogitechWheelPlugin.rar - Google Drive) includes precompiled binaries for 4.15.
Example Project

Can you explain (better if it be with images) how to setup blueprint for Extreme 3D Pro on a flying template?

Can you be a little more specific on what you need help with? What are you trying to achieve?

just basic pitch, roll, yaw. I try to copy movement like a helicopter in arma/battlefield.

Okay. I would first check if any of the Input Keys I setup(Wheel, pedals, etc) work with your joystick. If you’re missing some Input Keys for the joystick, I would then try to figure out which variables correspond to the joystick’s pitch, roll, and yaw. You can do this by using the Get Wheel State function every frame and seeing which variables change when you move the joystick. Once you’ve discovered the corresponding variables, you can use them to adjust the pitch, roll, and yaw of your flying vehicle.

Edit: have you tried seeing if the generic usb inputs Epic added in 4.15 work with the joystick?

yes, i try.
buttons detected correct, throtlle too. but axis x,y,z - detected incorrect. and i dont khow how to fix it. yes, i update driver of stick, and also install Logitech Gaming Software, but that’s not help.

Works perfectly on my G27 :slight_smile:
It would have been cool it it followed the force feedback settings in control panel (I put their strength values at 20% or less), but you can’t have everything.
Fantastic work drb!

hama4in1 racing wheel 00062868 tested on Example Project - work well.
Logitech Extreme 3D Pro - still work incorrect.

Hello! Don’t work plugin ((

I am started you Example Project.UE4 - Logitech Plugin don't work (( - YouTube
Win 7 x64, Logitech G25
Why dont work? (( Maybe me wrong install?

Like I said in my previous reply, you will need to use the Get Wheel State BP node and use the axis values that correspond to your joystick’s input to control the vehicle.

The example project should just be plug n play for steering wheels. I haven’t tested the plugin with anything other than the g920, so I’m not sure if there are any extra steps you have to take to get it working. The only thing I can think of to check is to make sure you have the latest version of the Logitech Gaming Software installed and the steering wheel’s firmware is up to date. I also recommend testing the plugin in Standalone, PIE, and Play In Viewport.

Hi drb1992,

I use version 4.15 and the logitech g27. With the generic usb inputs I can only use 12 buttons of the g27. I tried to use your Plugin but nothing changed. How can I use your plugin correctly/what do I have to do with the plugin?

What buttons aren’t working? You need to assign the correct axis/action input mappings. All of the plugin’s input keys have “Logitech” in the name. If there isn’t an input key for one of the g27’s buttons, then you will have to go into the plugin’s code and add a new input key for the appropriate button.

Hi, This is pretty awesome, thankyou!
I can’t confirm that my wheel is not broken.
But I got forward and reverse with pedals. Going forward just vears straight to the right to do a small donut, but when I turn the wheel all the way to the left, I can go straight ahead, but I can not turn left.
all the settings are default as I just opened the example file and have been working in that.

will it update to 4.16?

Unless there was an API change, I don’t see why it wouldn’t. You just need to compile binaries for 4.16.

I tried the example and everything wokrs fine.But after packaged ,the game crashed immediately when start.I’m using 4.15

New to the site, so hiya. Not being ofay with installing this kinda stuff can someone please help and give me a little help getting Logitech Wheel Plugin installed on my iMAC. I have the G920, peddles and gear shifter and i would really like to use it on my mac, i have the Logitech software installed. My iMAC is running 10.13.5 High Sierra. Any help or advice is more than appreciated.

will work if compile binaries for 4.20?

Want to know the same thing, was anyone able to compile the plugin for 4.20 ?

Can you give a brief explaination of where to add the plugin and how to initialize it with unreal? Much appreciated.