[FREE FULL PROJECT] UBERCOLD - FPS Game made in one week - Free download

note: The game has been done in UE 4.6 and it may not be fully compatible with the newest UE releases!

note2: The UE Forum user, fhl41, continues the UBERCOLD Project. Find out more: UberCold 4.9.2


As we promised couple days ago, we’re sharing a complete UE4 project with our game - UBERCOLD. Game has been made using Blueprints only within 7 days. No C++. If you want to check how to you make such game or just want to become a level designer feel free to download!

Any feedback is appreciated and if you have any questions about the project just let us know.

Download full project

UBERCOLD is a time bending FPS game. Time moves only when you DON’T move.


UBERCOLD Gameplay:

Michal Orzelek

Pretty awesome concept and amazing you made it in a week with only blueprints!

wow :slight_smile: many many thanks :wink:

This is an awesome idea! i feel like there could be a few things to improve on it and whatnot but it’s definitely something you should roll with! Also there should be some sort of mechanic that forces you to stop moving more often.

There are a lot of things we can improve, of course. The goal was to finish this game within 1 week so we needed to choose what should be included in the game. We had more ideas how to force player to stop, but bullet volume seemed the best :slight_smile: Anyway, thanks for feedback!

I like the plug from ur Mom lol

that was great! did you pay her off with a free lifetime sub lol :wink:

I’m turning this into a full game instead of 2 or 3 levels (cant beat the second one!). Is it ok if i put it on steam when it is done?

P.S. (Did you intentionally make this the opposite of Super Hot?)

I think is this actually better than superhot! Ty for sharing! A great learning resource.

Edit: Which version of the engine is this compatible? In 4.7.3 I get several blueprints issues with the widgets and the slo-mo doesn’t work when walking.

awesome ahaha :smiley:


Really like the concept and enjoyed the trailer. Look forward to seeing where this goes.

Ah, just saw this for the first time, shame the OP’s blog does not seem to exist any longer. Looks like a cool little project.

Uber Cold? HAHAAHHAA!!!
Sounds like that other game…Super heated or something. lol :smiley:




:smiley: it works with 473, but has its bugs,

I Fixed UBERCOLD TO UE4 4.9.1 i am not the brightest in blueprints but i think everything is correct there are no warnings or errors left allso (experimental) added weapon switching with number 1 and 2
and i am busy with knife switching numpad num 1 and num 2, and middle mouse button automatic shooting Hope you like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Added some new stuff pickup item and inventory And coin system project is now for UE4 4.9.2

Added Some New Stuff, Blood Splatter and Blood vignette screen, and the Healthbar and this is all working when you get it buy Bot


Added Patrolling AI FROM This developer…eprint-Only%29
i made The Ai that it Can shoot at you just like ubercold bot

HOTFIX the knife was not working, got it working again struggling with all the collisions settings i did the collision setting from
shootergame template but was not working all with ubercold, and the stab impulse i changed

updated to UE4 4.10.1 and fixed collision stuff and collect coins

[FONT=Arial Black]Download Here


Not possible, because this template is there still three times…

So its a reverse super hot?

My mom said it looks fun so i gonna give it a try :wink: gg!

Yes. The goal was to create similar game within 1 week :slight_smile: