[FREE] Full Game Jam game available for the community!

Verto Machina - a completely FREE game project for the Unreal Engine community!

[NEW] Project Overview:

*This game was made in 3 weeks for a Game Jam. *

-4 levels to explore
-Interesting switching mechanic
-Interactive door
-Moving platforms
-Jump pads
-And more!

Systems included:
-Main Menu and Pause menu systems
-Save and Load system
-Checkpoint system
-Level linking system
-Adaptive music!
-All models and music included!

Play the game HERE - https://coquigames.itch.io/verto-machina

DOWNLOAD FULL PROJECT HERE (UE 4.15) - https://www.mediafire.com/?hn9871is7zdwaoz

EDIT: I just updated the file to not require the Instance Tool Plugin. If you are having trouble opening the project, download the updated version on the new link above!

License / permissions:

You may use the project as a learning resource and use any of the code included for any purpose. Credit is not required, but appreciated :slight_smile:

Music License: CC BY-NC 3.0

You can use the music for personal project only! - no commercial projects please. If you use the music, please credit the author as follows:

Frank Liu

Hope you enjoy the game and learn from it!


Devlog Series - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLziQlhUd357gkR5WN-ZcZXJkxS05M579I

2c: Player has to perform gameplay actions into a mirror.
Then the twin mirror self actually performs the gameplay.
For added difficultly player might have to play in reverse.
Or mess with time, events happen faster / slower in mirror.

Hmm, interesting suggestion! I like the idea of actions being replicated…will see if I can come up with something to this extent.


OOOhh I like this so far, can’t wait to play it ^^.

Also, what about some trap blocks or liquid where if you shoot a bullet at it or it gets mirrored towards it, it would get destroyed and would also kill player if he touches it? ^^
(Checkpoints could also be nice.)

What about Co-op mode? With 2-4 players which would get the difficulty increased depending on the amount of players? ^^ (It’s definetely something I’d like to play with my brothers.)

Hi looking good so far, great value to the community.

I have a question about your project, regarding “fully functional level linking system”
Will the linking system include a lock system, like a level 1 open , level 2 locked until level 1 completed? Just a thought.

Thank you!

New updates!

Devlog 5:

-New aesthetics similar to Mirror’s Edge / Superhot
-Pickable blocks added - these can be carried anywhere and can interact with switches
-Added saving system - you can now click “Load Game” from the main menu and continue where you left off!

Devlog 6:

-New mechanic added: The Player can switch itself with another object! This functions almost like a mini time reversal mechanic where the player has 10 seconds before he is teleported back to the original location
-Added a door with two modes: proximity or linked to a switch
-Started the first level of the game
-Added a Main Menu with custom music from a composer!

Hi Avarthar,

I like the idea of more traps :). A Co-Op mode will probably have to wait until after the Jam since I’ve never done it before and I only have 2 weeks to make the actual game :P. Btw, I already have a checkpoint system implemented - check out my last devlog!

Hi Adam,

What I have so far is managing the order of the levels via a data table - this makes it super easy to re-order the levels, or add a new level in between without any hardcoding or using arrays. But I think you mean blocking certain areas of a level until another puzzle is completed? Hmm, you could easily do it with a door (make it active only after a certain puzzle is completed). Though is not built-in yet into the mechanics. That should be easy to add - maybe I’ll have a level where you have to do just that!

Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi its not exactly what I meant, although that is a very good idea which should be implemented if you can.

I meant in the options menu when you click levels , you will be displayed with the levels available, and have the ones completed only accessible and the ones not yet attempted locked. Again just an idea! :slight_smile:

Latest update!

-Added a save / load system that keeps track of all the levels completed and allows you to select your levels from a list
-Added 2 new hazard mechanics
-Added tutorial messages to give the Player hints
-Worked on level 1 (almost done) and started level 2

Hi Adam,

I liked your idea so I included it in the game! Check out the last vid to see how it works :slight_smile:

That looks sweet man, I love it.
Cant wait to not only play the game but to mess around in engine.
I cant believe it only took you an hour to do. Well done awesome job!

Update 8:


-Interactive music - a 3 layer track randomly fades out 1 random track every 20 seconds allowing for a random (yet cohesive) track that is never the exact same!
-Progress on level 2
-New laser mechanic added!

Can’t wait to get my hands on this. You’re doing a great job. This is going to teach me a lot.

Thanks A-I!

One more week to go so stay tuned! I got a few more levels and mechanics to showcase :slight_smile:

Last update before submission!

Level 3 Preview

Looking really good dude, keep it up!

Thanks Adam! I will be submitting my game tonight, so keep an eye out for the link to the project coming soon! :slight_smile:

The game has been submitted to the Game Jam - check it out here: https://coquigames.itch.io/verto-machina.

The full project files will be coming next week after I have some time to clean up and comment the code :slight_smile:

Will you be releasing the project files sometime this week?

Hi @reverts,

I am waiting to hear from the composer how he wants me to share his music (made specifically for the Jam). Once that’s settled, I’ll release the project. I’m hoping to do this in the next couple of days. Stay tuned! :slight_smile: