(free ) FPS template , pawn replaced with character + added W.S.A.D way of movemnt to it .


I manged to modify the fps template of UE4 4.15 to add movement to the character so it will move just like W.S.A.D in the map + teleport still there if you want to use it . its not for every game as it give more motion sickness than teleporting but if you need to make a game like Scavengers Odyssey on PSVR then this is the way to start . btw it work only on FPS and not third person as your forward input depend on the way HMD look . have fun and report any problem of feedback if you need to add more feature to it which i might able to help .

link to the project file 4.15 :
link to executable package if you need to test it without 4.15 engine : (make sure to add -vr on a short you have to make for .exe file to run in vr mode )

Thanks for the friends who tested it for me . it should work on Oculas , Vive and PSVR .