[FREE] Foliage Starter Kit

Worked like a charm! Again, thank you very much.

Your sir, are a hero!

Wow … thank you sir … thank you very much. 8-}

tips hat

This is a great gift to the community! Not only are your tutorials fantastic now you bless us with this?! You sir, have earned yourself a pint or three!

are you an angel? i think you’re an angel

Really Awesome work Fighter! Can’t wait to play around with this!


Do not misinterpret my comment, but as a newbie to all this y basically love u for giving us this, lol, thanks man. And when you say > 4.7, does that mean it wont work on 4.6?

Unfortunately it will just work with 4.7 and higher -> but when you like I can create a smaller package for 4.6 (but will take some time) :slight_smile:

great package.thanks for sharing…hope i will be able to give you something back one day

wow awesome :slight_smile: ,pack also contain few maps and is a good resource for leaning :slight_smile:


What im i doing wrong? I just migrated this tree into new project, created new level, but after building lightmaps, it goes completely black. I have UE 4.7.1.

Hmm, I will have to check it -> seems like there is something wrong with the lightmap
Which tree do you use?

Just tested it and it should work as it should :slight_smile: -> just saw some small differences in the shader display in 4.7.1 (will try to fix it tomorrow)

It was SM_Tree9, but i think i figured out, what’s wrong. Problem is, when the trunk goes too deep into the terrain. When i delete terrain or just let the tree levitating above the terrain, the tree remains bright, but when is trunk little in the terrain, it goes black.

Hmm, that’s really strange. I will check it tomorrow.
Meanwhile move your level a little bit up - add a skylight - add a lightmass importance volume -> try it again :slight_smile:

Awesome Stuff, thx, very useful for learning for me. ^^

this should be in the marketplace for more easy acces

Yep, I have already sent a submission, but got no reply (will have to send them an e-mail) :frowning:

Super awesome work man,
i’m dowloading right now. Can’t wait to test it, in my sample map :slight_smile:

Edit: you made this in Blender?

Btw could be the Unreal’s site and the marketplace are down?

Yep, I made it with blender (files are included in the package). Currently the website is down due to the preparations for a GDC announcement -> What will the announcement for GDC will be? - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums :slight_smile:


Exactly what I was looking for!

Quick question :

How do I import all the foliage into my current project?