[FREE] Foliage Starter Kit

My main intention was to put this onto the marketplace for around 5-10$, but then I realised that the trees and bushes are not so pretty, so I thought that I will offer it for free to this awesome community!! :smiley:

**But keep in mind that I will send a marketplace submission today so that it probably gets on the marketplace for free -> it’s easier to update + download. Vote for it when it gets on trello! (will post the link into this thread) :slight_smile:

That’s pretty nice from you that you want to donate something, but as game development + this community is a big hobby for me, I dont need/want any money for the stuff that I do. :wink:

Wow super awesome share,a lot of people would find these very useful,a million thanks.That vid tutorial/explanation of how you went about making the materials would be much appreciated.eventually I’d like to be able to make my own custom meshes and have the same functionality of the materials you have.

Thank you man! These assets are fantastic ! :slight_smile:

Oh nice!!! Thanks fighter! These will come in handy for sure. Thanks for sharing!! :smiley:

Thank you very much Fighter! Can’t wait to test those in 4.7!

thanks. if you do put something on the marketplace that you wan to sell I will be shore to support it.

Sadly I don’t think they allow free assets into the Marketplace. HOWEVER, I believe the “Learn” tab is a whole different kettle of fish :wink: Go bug Chance about it :>

There are already some free assets on the marketplace (berlin flat) + you can choose "free/for education/… in the price box :wink:

@ Mrdazza_460 Thx, let’s see if I can get this free package onto the marketplace :smiley:

Wow! This is pretty amazing! Thanks a lot fighter5347!

Wow, thank you very much for this free foliage kit. It’s great that there are people who release content for free, and not like, look I made two trees in Speedtree, pay me 100$. I have one question though.

So this won’t work in 4.7? Or you meant >= 4.7? :slight_smile:

Oh, forgot the “=” -> yep it will work >= 4.7 :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for another great pack!

Looks awesome! However, just as a point of reference for others:

When it says it needs 4.7 or above, it MEANS it. The project will crash if you load it in any lower engine versions.

OMG!!! you’re awesome. I’ll try to learn a lot from it.
Seriously, in this extremely competitive and money driven world, your act of sharing, really amazes me.
Hope others (including me) can learn also from your generosity.

Awesome stuff, Philipp! Thanks a lot for sharing. :slight_smile:

That’s a **** nice package you did there.

Also, I really appreciate you taking the time to present what you did, with text & video. It will make it much more likely that people will use your stuff

very very nice!! Thx for sharing. You are amazing

This is seriously amazing. Thank you for uploading such a wonderful gift! Now, being as new to this as I am (which is seriously new), how exactly do I go about getting these into my editor? Probably a really simple answer but I’ve only been working with starter content until this point. Any advice or redirection would help immensely. Thanks again!

Vielen Dank!

Just download the package - unzip it - open the project - select one of the grass meshes - right click on it - migrate - choose your project - ok. Or you can also move all the folders to your own project -> but you will have to keep the folder structure!! Otherwise you will loose the references to the assets.

When you want to use the “pro” version of the materials, you will also have to copy the blueprint part of the character bp into your own char bp :slight_smile: