[FREE] Foliage Starter Kit

Hi! :slight_smile:

Today I have a very special thread for you guys. I will give you a vegetation package for the > 4.7 with many meshes and advanced materials with various . Everything for free!!
You can use them in your commercial and non-commercial projects. Just keep in mind that you shouldnt re-upload the package + dont use them in other engines. :slight_smile:


Foliage Starter Kit is a package especially designed for the UE4. It will give you the ability to create awesome forest/parks/garden scenes with a great variation due to the different material parameters in the Material Instances.

That means that you can change the summer trees to winter or autumn trees with just changing a parameter in the Material Instance. Moreover you can modify the wind like the strength/variation and also the sway amount of the trees. You are also able to add snow and a variation colour which will change with the mesh position. Another is that the ground plants are interactive. So they will move/bend when the player walks over them.

All meshes are pretty low poly so that you can use them in a very large scale. Entire landscapes can be filled with them without great performance losses.

The package includes:

-46 Meshes…Grass, Flower, Bush, Trees (with LOD’s)
-20 Textures
-9 Materials…Grass/Ground Plants, Tree, Landscape, Particle Material
-1 Particle System…Falling Leaves

All meshes are available as .blend files which will allow you to easily modify the assets. So you can directly jump into blender to change the appearance of the meshes (size, texture, LOD, collision,… actually you can change everything). Download for old versions: https://drive.google/file/d/0B44…l2YU9sWW8/view


The package includes 20 different textures (1st pic) and 46 different meshes (2nd pic):


You can change/choose different in the Material Instances which can be found in the Child Material folder. The materials are split into 3 different categories with various :

Basic -> wind
Advanced -> wind, variation,
Pro -> wind, variation, snow, swaying, winter, autumn



The materials are split into Materials and Material Instances. In the Materials you can change nodes which will affect all the Material Instances. In the Material Instances you can change different textures and .
All the changes will mainly happen in the Material Instances! Just modify the Materials when you know the basics of the material editor.
The package includes 9 Materials and several Material Instances:




  • When you have any questions, suggestions, problems, … just post a reply to thread and I will see what I can do. :slight_smile:
  • I will update package from time to time. means that I will add new features, improve the meshes, add new meshes and textures,…
  • When you need an in-depth explanation of the materials, I can write/record a short tutorial/explanation.
  • When you find any mistakes or stuff that is missing, make sure to send me a message :wink:

Have fun with the package and I hope that it will help you with your project! :smiley:

prev1.jpg prev2.jpg

When you have problems with getting the assets into your own project, make sure to take a look at video

will probably be useful for a lot of people that are new to the engine. Good job!

Will use it sometime :slight_smile: What about some pinetrees?

woooooo thank you very much for !!!

Yep, will add them in the future.

Currently I have planned to:
-improve the trees (delete the old ones + add around 15-20 new ones)
-improve the bushes
-add more and better grass

Unfortunately it will take some time till I will post those updates, because currently I have no possibilities to create textures for those assets (atm we have around 30-60 cm of snow :p) but assets in a higher quality are in progress.

Awesone, thanks for the contribution.

That is a big gift, exactly what i needed for my first Vegetations approach in UE4, thanks a bunch!!!

You’re a hero . If you claim that you still plan on updating I cannot even wait to see what pack will look like when its done! Cheers. And I wish I could +1 . I’ve added to the Free resources list in the content creation and given credit to you. Hope you don’t mind!

Cheers! :smiley:

Thx for adding it to the list :slight_smile:
My plan is to create a really high quality foliage pack for free -> but will take some time :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work, !

I can say I’ve used your previous assets often for testing when looking into foliage tool issues. :slight_smile:

I have 2 questions before i try out:

  • does it work with 4.5?
  • how do you “refresh” the result in UE4 when changed something in Blender?

Can’t imagine it wouldn’t work with 4.5. At the most you may have to do some tweaking. 4.6 handles foliage a lot better though. As for refreshing assets - right click and reimport.

-Unfortunately it just works with > 4.7 because of the foliage shading mode which was used in the material -> for a version before 4.7 you will have to reimport the meshes + set up new materials, but when you like I can upload a small package that will also work with the > 4.5 :slight_smile:
-you just have to open the static mesh editor - asset - reimport - choose the file


Yep, that’s right :smiley:

That’s ok, i’m going to update UE4 very soon, thank you!

Thanks a lot, I really like the autumn/snow look of the trees and the grass!

Very impressive, will learn alot taking apart. Thanks man :smiley:

Wow Dude, thx for sharing !!!

Hey , thanks for your contributions to the community - you’re a freaking rock star.

Is the same pack you were talking about putting up on the marketplace? At the very least, you might want to add a donate button - I’d be happy to donate for , or toward .

Thanks again!

Thank you very much for , appreciated.