[FREE] False Gravity Plugin with multiplayer support


I want to share the plugin I use in my game Recursive Pain (it’s available on steam) -…ecursive_Pain/

It has some problems so it’s free. If you want to support me you may buy my game and leave an honest review.

download plugin for free - DOWNLOAD LINK

Video demonstration


Plugin works with **UE 4.20 **and should work with UE 4.21 (just switch engine version in sample project)

thanks man, i looking for this

Hi,bro, could you tell me how to use this plugin in 4.22.3? It doesn’t work in it!!!And i really hope to work.

Thank you for this!! so im making a fast paced game kinda like fzero or sonic and whenever the character goes straight up into the stratosphere the camera just jitters all over the place, any idea what causes this?

how can you make it walk up a cube?

if I teleport to a cubes side, as soon as I walk to an edge I fall down

is there any way to have the character walk from the floor to the cube and all around the cube instead of falling off the edge>?