[FREE] Fairytale Suite (orchestral music for fantasy settings)

I meant to release this on the marketplace but apparently free assets are currently against policy, so I’m linking it here instead:

Fairytale Suite, a small collection of adaptive orchestral music tracks for your fantasy environments. Free to download and use in your project, commercial or otherwise. Includes 2 main ‘village’ themes, each with an alternate mix that can be crossfaded in seamlessly if both cues (A and B) are triggered simultaneously by the engine. Also 4 ambient cues which are atmospheric but non-intrusive and can be faded in sequence or randomly.

Use the music however you’d like, and please re-distribute in it’s original state- the only restrictions are broadcast (film, tv or internet), which require a separate license (please contact me for details). All tracks are composed and produced by Nicholas Singer, ©2014

For more details on the composer please visit http://www.nicholassinger.com or my sound cloud page Stream Alborada music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud, or email me on mail[at]nicholassinger.com

Hope someone can find a use for these, if not I hope you enjoy them anyway. I’m currenty working on a much larger sci-fi themed pack to sell in the marketplace, will have some previews available soon.

Thanks for your time!

Preview: HERE

Download HERE

Nice, thank you for sharing this! (:

Thank you very much for sharing these! You did a great job man. I’m listening to them right now and it’s really really cool (missing a combat-like theme tho haha :P)

Thanks guys! If it’s popular I might make a second, larger pack with combat themes etc for a small price.

Thanks for this gift !

Thanks for Sharing! I enjoyed your music.

Thank you very much

I really like these but they mostly don’t fit my game :frowning:

what about some of the others from your soundcloud page?

Really enjoy this, thank you so much, might actually use some of it.

Nice! Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: