Free Environment: OLD Library

Hello all. This is the second of my little freebies… I created these scenes to help teach myself UE4 and other tools so it feels right to pass along what I have learnt to others in any way I can.

Download from

All of the assets are free to use for both commercial and private use, all I ask is that you give me credit with my name “” if you use anything from it :slight_smile:

The scene is set of in sort of a diorama… so not complete. .but gives you stuff to work from. I had originally planned to create more assets but I’d rather move onto something else now :slight_smile:

Buy me a beer if you found this useful! (paypal)

Download from
no dropbox link as last time I had my account locked out for a few days =(

TIP: if you are unable to load project… make sure you have substance plugin installed … while this project does not use it… it does have it loaded for some strange reason
you can add this by going to your library tab in the epic games launcher and underneath the Unreal 4.8.2 there is an installed plugins link… click it and install substance.

Hope this is useful!


Oh boy oh boy oh boy. You are freaking awesome. This is cool beyond words. Thank you so much.

Beautiful!!! thank you so much, downloading now, cant wait to try it in VR!!!

Looks awesome!

This looks great! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Really like the mood,If the saturation getting a little bit lower would be perfect IMO.Keep it up!Thanks for the sharing.:wink:

Great build!! Thank you for sharing!

You placed 946 books by hand in the level ??? Respect dude! :smiley:

I don’t approve of books lying on the floor all over… It doesn’t fit the theme. Nice work nonetheless but… Clean up a bit :wink:

NEVER!.. I like books in piles >.<

but that being said… your more free to download it… clean up the books… and use it for something else :slight_smile:

Can’t download it :frowning: .I;m getting an error message!

Really nice work here !!

THX for sharing too :smiley:

I’ll make a post to my blog in few hours. This free pack will be added to my UE4 resources page :slight_smile:

awesome :slight_smile:

You are a very generous man. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece, I’m sure many will use it as reference material for their projects. Truly appreciate this myself, because I have a library scene that I need to create in the future, and you chose the perfect planks to use as textures.

This is quite awesome man! :slight_smile:

Very thanks bro this gona fit like a glove in the game i working now base in the Haunting Ground,Silent Hill and Resident Evil 1

So if I wanted to, (and if I credited you of course) I could use various textures and meshes anyhow I want to in my game, yeah?
The scene is beautiful <3

Yes… Feel free to use it however you want! Credits are all that is required :).

And to anyone else… I’d love to see how you guys use it!

This is absolutely exceptional! I’ve recently got back into 3D work after a 2 year hiatus after University and this is perfect reference and inspiration. Thanks a bunch, I’ll have an explore!

Superb! thanks for sharing!