Free Enviroment: MUSHROOM

Mushroom project (shroom)

Hello all!
This was the first proper project I ever did in UE4 (or any game engine for that matter) so I apologize for the messiness. I have fixed some of the glaring bugs in the project and tidied up the folder structure a bit.

Semi new demo scene!

60 fps 1080 video

Download! link

Executable! Windows7x64 compiled version 242mb Controls are setup for Mouse/keyboard and Xbox controller. If you don’t move mouse for 5 seconds… an automated flythu on repeat will play. Move mouse or controller to exit that.

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old content link Download

Self plug! my new freebie OLD Library This project will also be released for free!!! :slight_smile:


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Hey … this is pretty cool … I might just have to find a use for this. Thank you for this. 8-}

Will dig this, once i begin with my planned RPG project


Nice Work! Thanks! :slight_smile:

The Map u can see is inside the content folder, but beware of rebuilding light… It destroys Pcs <3

what do u mean it destroys Pcs ? do u mean it takes ages to process ? on my system is takes about 6 mins on production… (I’m on a laptop also)

If u remove every builded light Via switching to noforce building so that all shadows are realtime it was unplayable. Fps drops under 10. This happens only with these meshes.
I still try to find out why this happens, i guess the rockmeshes are the problem.

my question is… why are you going for full realtime lol… that’s pretty nasty on any system… most of the mesh’s would never be moving.

Cause of one little thing: Day Nightcycle.

And thats essential

fair enough… I did that on my scene… and my system is still giving me 45 fps… with 0 optimization on lights and shadow casters. disabeling some of the shadows on the small lights and removing a few of them I was able to get it back up to 60+ fps again :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t consider a scarcity of responses in your thread as a lack of interest. The assets look good, and if you were to add more to give a little additional variety I’m sure it would have done well on the marketplace. Trello is usually a good indicator of how interested people might be in your pack, but to a certain degree as the sales numbers can exceed the number of votes you attain. If you ever venture into creating a marketplace pack again, don’t give up so soon. =) Just my 2 cents on the matter. As I said before, nice assets.

Looks awesome, but it seems there’s an encryption key on your new link!

Fixed the download link!

looks amazing, will def check it out :open_mouth:

Beautiful work :smiley:

THX for sharing too !!!

This looks beautiful and amazing thanks for sharing it.

Amazing work! Rated your thread :slight_smile:

This is very cool, thanks for sharing! I may use 2 of the assets, I really liked the Vine looking things along with a couple materials. I was wondering if you could give me some info such as your name so I could credit you in our project. All i see is “” Just checking.

Thanks again, really liked the artwork!

Name is:

thanks :slight_smile:

Could some one download the folder then repackage it in a .zip and put it up on something such as dropbox?