[Free Download]:Animal - Spider with 2 meshes and 66 animations

Hey folks,

finally our animals are being finished. We are starting with a free release of our lovely spider named . Here she is:


and a video to show her moves:

You can get her for free here - [/](Choose your preferred engine version carefully because we are evil people and you can get only one :smiley:
[SUP]Also note that because of the same reason a few bits are missing in the free download.

We have updated . Subscription link has been updated and those who already downloaded should get an email with a new link.


Thank you for this gift.
But is it me or there’s no link in the web to download it? I can’t seem to find it.
The only category with no “coming soon” text is Forest Animals and there’s nothing but a white background with no text, or link…

Something is probably wrong on your side (hopefully :slight_smile: ), you should see 8 animals and the first one is . Maybe you can try this direct link - -the-spider/

Thank you! that link worked
But dunno why i can’t see any of the animals in the other one. I’m using firefox and indeed is a browser problem, tried in other one and is showing correctly.

Man, this is such a great piece of work. I don’t think I’ll be able to use anything like this, but man I appreciate it. The detail and effort is really awesome and the execution is amazing. Keep up the awesome work man this kind of stuff rocks. :slight_smile: Merry xmas btw !!!

The presentation on YouTube and the website itself is really nicely done. We enjoyed the music here at Comcast. The spider looks very good. Downloading it now.

Thanks everybody.

Yggdrasil, the music comes from a talented friend Edward Blakeley, he has recently released a great album for the Rosetta mission.

this very cool, thanks

Awesome stuff, and really nice website. Great writing. It made, what could have been boring information, fun to read.

this is a Realy fantastic spider!!!
Can this spider walks on a uneven terrain too?
Kind regards,


I personal do not need it, but i like it very much.
is very cool, respect for sharing that amount of work.
Your animals look in someway nice and friendly for me.
Thank you very much, i take a look inside file later :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for , mate - she’s beautiful!

I will have to try and work this into my demo, somehow. I’ll let you know…

Thanks for sharing, !

Can you please clarify the usage license? The included copyright file says “All rights reserved”, so I guess it’s not CC0?

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

b1016103 - no, it’s not CC0, but you can use it for both, personal and commercial projects. Because those animals will be sold on UE Marketplace (and the other engine store which has very similar or even the same license) we take it as if this free release is governed by the same license which is quite liberal.

This is such a nice gift, thank you very much :slight_smile:

Should there only be stylized tectures/mats? Can’t seems to find any realistic textures in the download

Yeah, that’s one of the two bits missing in the free stuff as mentioned in the first post and also in the video.