Free Community Assets

Hi guys, following MaKiPL’s Legacy in UDK Free Custom Assets ready for UDK!

And after creating a post asking for a place to share all community stuff i decided to create a thread as recopilation of all the great content we are making, this thread is needed in order to avoid the oblivion of the threads we create to share the assets in the forums.

So i will update this thread daily/weekly feel free to post in the coment everyting you find/create.

Im going to put the name of the people who share the stuff (doesnt need to be the creator), As more i write, more mistakes (not english native, correct me if i make grammar errors) well…

Plugins & Tools

[Plugin]BLUI - AaronShea
[Plugin]Advanced Sessions Plugin - Mordentral
[Plugin]Gesture Recognizers & Look At Movement Component - Jeff Lemarche
[Plugin]Joystick/HOTAS Support, Blueprint Easing Functions & Saitek X52 Pro - MC Stryker
[Plugin]Atlas Alpha Lock Custom Analytics & Tracking - Bob_Gneu
[Plugin]Arduino to UE4 - Grizly32
[Plugin] Server - RyroNZ
[Plugin]Lua Blueprint Extension - Noxygen
[Plugin]Particle Editor Module for Spiral Galaxies - Cultrarius
[Plugin]Dust Layer - Dr.Jeff
[Plugin]Simple Content Asset - MuggleWei
[Plugin]Game Jolt API Plugin - Ogniok
[Plugin]PlayFab Integration - Lyons Den
[Plugin]Flathead (UE4+Javascript) - Bob_Gneu
[Plugin]Spline Based Mesh Generation - AlFlakky
[Plugin]Uber Maet -
[Plugin]HotHUD - San Mehat
[Plugin]Blueprint Extensions - BrUnO XaVIeR
[Plugin]FMOD Studio Plugin - Fmod_aus
[Plugin]Logitech LED SDK Control - Byte1
[Plugin]UMG Extensions - Allar
[Plugin] Fuzzy Logic AI Engine + GUI Editor - MatrixCompSci
[Plugin]Basic Functionality & Distro - SaxonRah
[Plugin]UnrealShader For MODO - ZoltanE
[Plugin]Road Actor - JuddC
[Plugin]Custom Input Mapping - Getnamo
[Plugin]Mercurial Source Control Provider¡ - Enlight_2014
[Plugin]Plugin Web UI Framework - Ufna
[Plugin]UE4 Cairo - Banbury
[Plugin]Haste: Rapid Mesh Placement - Ali Akbar
[Plugin]Leap Motion - MarcW
[Plugin]Leap Motion (Event Driven) - Getnamo
[Plugin]EyeX Plugin: Eye Tracking - {TOBII}Rickard
[Plugin]Playstation Move Plugin - N00854180t
[Plugin]Play Sound Files From Disk - N00854180t
[Plugin]JSON Query - Stefander
[Plugin]VaRest - Ufna
[Plugin]OpenCL - Kwonoh
[Plugin]Panoramic Export Pipeline - Allar
[Plugin]PopcornFX - Jo_PkFX
[Plugin]RadiantUI SDK - Zoid
[Plugin]UDK Import Plugin - Speedy37
[Plugin]Extend MenuBar -
[Plugin]Windows Texture Movie - Ehamloptiran
[Plugin]Chartboost - Derekvanvliet
[Plugin]Myo - Getnamo
[Plugin]SQLite3 Database Plugin - Jusasi
[Plugin]Joystick Plugin - Ikarus76
[Plugin]iTween - JaredTherriault
[Plugin]OSC For UE4 - Monsieurgustav
[Plugin]PSMove Input - Bullale
[Plugin]Wiimote Plugin For UE4 - Windywang
[Plugin]Swipe - Derekvanvliet
[Plugin]NavGrid - Turn based navigation on a grid - Larsjsol
[Plugin]Rewarded Video Ads - Makis

[Tool]Blender UE Tools - Lui
[Tool]Screening (RV) Room Tool - Oliver_Engels
[Tool]Web Plugin Generation - Goomii
[Tool]Instanced Static Mesh Editor - Rama
[Tool]Command Line Tool - Pdylanross2
[Tool]Modular Construction Tool - Shoiko
[Tool]Hitbox Collision - EIREXE
[Tool]Better Grid - Mktwo
[Tool]Showcase Blueprint - Osman
[Tool]Realtime Dynamic GI - RyanTorant
[Tool]UE4 To Spout - Allar
[Tool]Curve Builder - Maikklen
[Tool]Auto Terrain Texturing and Foliage - Shoiko

[Third-Party Tool]Blender Vector Field Editor - Isathar
[Third-Party Tool]Testfigther - DJ_Lectr0
[Third-Party Tool]Creature - Kestrelam
[Third-Party Tool]ULocalizer - Aoki Sora
[Third-Party Tool]Mesh Optimize Tool - Art Golf
[Third-Party Tool]Diff Assist Tool - Zoc
[Third-Party Tool]T3D Converter For BSP Brushes - Kwstasg
[Third-Party Tool]Cube Map Generator - Dnk72
[Third-Party Tool]MXD3D Viewer - Taslaqm
[Third-Party Tool]Timedog - Piinecone
[Third-Party Tool]UE4 Materia: Browser Material editor - Sythen
[Third-Party Tool]NanoVG -
[Third-Party Tool]Houdini Velocity Grid Exporter - 220225

[Third-Party Launcher]UE4 Engine Launcher - Trdwll
[Third-Party Launcher]Open Source Launchpad - Jargon
[Third-Party Launcher]File Patcher - Netzone


[Models]First Person Assets - Shocoben
[Models]Various Models - Dave Face
[Models]Free Assets - Ado
[Models]Knife & Blade - Anafeyka
[Models]3D Models - Funnynel42
[Models]Pokéballs - Kitocha
[Models]Industrial Assets - Divinitze
[Models]Flashlight - NeverMidnightGames
[Models]3D Contents - Matter_Programmer
[Models]Tree For UE4 - Khazande
[Models]Space Ship - Defieldx4
[Models]Solarmodul - Neidhard
[Models]3D Models - 3dquarters
[Models]3D Models - JaWillem
[Models]3D Models - MaKiPL
[Models]Voxy_Scorpion AnimatedVoxy_Scorpion Animated - Nopal3d
[Models]Axe - staticvoidlol

[Environment]Ghostbusters Library -
[Environment]DR_LAND_01 - Dev666rej
[Environment]Space Arena Template - Dneproman
[Environment]Tiled Mountainous Terrain - Mortarman
[Environment]Witcher Environment -
[Environment]Old Library - Altermind
[Environment]Mushroom - Altermind
[Environment]Medical Deck Scene - Theonebutcher
[Environment]Archiv Interior (Red Room - dreamer2142

Note: Check dreamer2142 webpage, for more assets: Click Here!
Note2: Environment, scene, level, meh whatever… (you know what i mean :^)

[Vegetation]Foliage Starter Kit -
[Vegetation]Grass Meshes -

[Props]Modular Caves - Luos
[Props]Old Rusty Lanter - Ruohki
[Props]Random Computer Assets - NDFJay
[Props]Produceral Rope Bridges -
[Props]Glass Templates -

[Materials]Purpleprint Kit - Hevedy
[Materials]Material Textures - Hydrokwas
[Materials]Materials & Textures Pack - RJ31337
[Materials]Tessellation-Map -
[Materials]The Monolith - Team
[Materials]Simple Decals - Smashin`
[Materials]Water Caustics - Papptimus
[Materials]Materials For Prototype Levels - Othelnic12’
[Materials]Multicolor Materials - NDFJay
[Materials]Floor Textures - LethalLotus
[Materials]Hair Material - MiDaEm
[Materials]PBR Material Pack - Igorklints
[Materials]Materials Mini Pack - Almgp
[Materials]Textures From Pixar - Steve_ T
[Materials]Heightmap Files - Dingo_aus
[Materials]Rendering HDR Images - EvilOverseer88
[Materials]Substance Freebies - ArvinMoses
[Materials]Font To Use For 3D Work - Gorgoyle9
[Materials]Experimental Materials - Black
[Materials]Wood Projection Material - Electricsauce
[Materials]Color Loockup Table -
[Materials]Color Loockup Table -
[Materials]Vibrant Cinematic Loockup Table - StrokeMeGoat
[Materials]High Resolution Textures - Hhh316
[Materials]Future Polys Grass - Shoiko
[Materials]Textures - Omarchelos
[Materials]Interior Mapping - Stefander
[Materials]PBR Materials -
[Materials]Water Material - GameDev
[Materials]Blood Pack - Tesla
[Materials]Free Materials - JOhnRose81
[Materials]Metropolis: 100 4k Textures - Dneproman
[Materials]Grass, Rock,Brick - Antoniobradiano
[Materials]Pie Graph/Chart material - Buttweasle
[Materials]Produceral Planet Material - JamesEmory
[Materials]Real Life Wallpaper - dragonboy20144

[]Gaussian Blur - Evol
[]Several Lut - Chris.R
[]Tron-ified - KitatusStudios
[]Radial Blur - Tomura
[]FX Gas Planet Kit -
[]Camouflage -
[]Night Sky - Todd.Vance
[]Refraction - Sam Deiter
[]Sobel Edge - DanYouhon
[]Interstellar Black Hole - Brunogbrito
[]Snow Material - Matter_Programmer
[]Snow Particle - CelPlays
[]Post Process Sharpen Material - Chariots
[]Breaking Physics Contraints (Vehicle Template) - PolyPlant
[]Gradient Fresnel Shading For Cinematic Lighting - Toom Looman
[]Will O’ Wisp - Fuhs

[Audio]Zombie Sounds - Thales
[Audio]Audio Pack - Dneproman
[Audio]Fairytale Suite - Integration
[Audio]10 GB Of Sound Files - Jezcentral
[Audio]Music & Sound - Oysteinso
[Audio]Deep Space Music Pack - EchospawnStudios
[Audio]Adaptive Music - Jax_Cavalera
[Audio]Music Free For Comercial Use) - Eric Matyas
[Audio]Baldur’s Gate - Joem1991

[Animations]Character Animations (Bip & FBX) - LexLuthor1
[Animations]Animation Starter Pack (Retargeted to 4.8 Mannequin) - Karlitos_sf

[UMG]UMG Rebindable Key System - Rama
[UMG]UMG Widget - Rama
[UMG]Dynamic UMG Crosshair - Osman
[UMG]Menu System Prototype - Stormrage256

[2D]Island Adventure Lite - Dneproman

Scripting: Blueprints & C++

[C++]Pipe Generation System - AlFlakky
[C++]FPS/TPS Character Controller - Jeff_lemarche
[C++]Produceral Foliage Generator - Hallatore

[Blueprint]M.O.S. - Markable Objects System - ZioYuri78
[Blueprint]Camara Styles - AlFlakky
[Blueprint]Homing Missile - AlFlakky
[Blueprint]Sticker Note - AlFlakky
[Blueprint]Map Editor - Ryanjon20404
[Blueprint]Watchdogs Like Camera Hacking -
[Blueprint]Destructive Actors - Matter_Programmer
[Blueprint]Teleporter - Matter_Programmer
[Blueprint]Stargate - Mars007
[Blueprint]Melee Combat System - Psilowin
[Blueprint]Character Interaction Component - Jargon
[Blueprint]Test Blueprints - Schala Zeal
[Blueprint]Automated Rotation Sentry - CelPlays
[Blueprint]Blast Door - Terror Grunt
[Blueprint]Catapult Trajectory - Kauppaneuvos
[Blueprint]Target Compass - PoussinElitiste
[Blueprint]Snap Fire - CNKIT
[Blueprint]Vehicle Navigation Examples - Uniname77
[Blueprint]Dynamic DoF(Depth of Field) -
[Blueprint]Use System - Vblanco
[Blueprint]RTS Style Camera Movement - Pattym
[Blueprint]Inventory System - Ruohki
[Blueprint]Inventory System & C ++ Plugin UMG Networked - Inside
[Blueprint]Straight Stairs Creator -
[Blueprint]DayZ Like Field Of View Zoom - .Thümmler
[Blueprint]Character Creator - DataSpehre
[Blueprint]Highly Traffic System - eXi
[Blueprint]Radio -
[Blueprint]AI Navigation - Rama
[Blueprint]Hover Board -
[Blueprint]Destructible Mesh And Ball Projectile -
[Blueprint]Hollow Bottom Platforms -
[Blueprint]Networked Menu - SaxonRah
[Blueprint]Fighting Game Style Health Meters - AlanNoon
[Blueprint]Ledge Climbing System - Crocopede
[Blueprint]Cascade Fireworks System - Tom Shanon
[Blueprint]IK Foot Placement System - abegorr
[Blueprint]Radar Blueprint -
[Blueprint]Fully Customizable Elevator - iUltimateLP
[Blueprint]Health/Shield Regen -
[Blueprint]Machinary Modeling Toolkit - BoredEngineer
[Blueprint]Melee Combat Template - bitande
[Blueprint]Patrol AI - Mhousse1247
[Blueprint]Learning Games - Mhousse1247

  • Includes: Sokoban, First/Third Person, Alien Invaders, Asteroids, Pong, Top/Down First FPS, Memory Game, Snake Game, Top/Down RPG & 2D Racing, 2.5D Plataformer (A rolling Ball, 2D Sidescroller, Tic Tac Toe, 2D Infinity Runner & Brick Breaker Templates.

[Blueprint]Blueprint Learning Kit - HorusHeretic

  • Includes: Weapons Code Graveyard, Ranged Weapon, Pick Up Projectiles, Main Menu, Character With Mechanics (Jump, Run…).

[Blueprint]Blueprint Projects - Kitatus

  • Includes: Retriggerable Matinees, Level Switcher, Elevator System, Character Selection Screen, Burger Flippin´Time, Rechargeable Torch & Puzzle Systems (Click the link for more information).

Templates & Projects

[Community ]Weather & Ocean Water Shader -
[Community ]Free Open Source MMO Kit - Makai
[Community ]Real Time Strategy Game -
[Community ]Cardinal Menu System - Parvan

[]Full Game Jam - CoquiGames
[]The Horror - KitatusStudios
[]Discord - Alarial
[]FluidSurface - JamesG
[]Physics Driven Spacecraft -
[]Super simple A* Algorithm with blueprints - Frisco

[Blueprints Template]Brick Breaker Example - Diddykonga
[Blueprints Template]Sonic Unreal Worlds - Streak Thunderstorm
[Blueprints Template]Zombie Camp - Psilowin
[Blueprints Template]UBERCOLD (FPS Game) -
[Blueprints Template]ThirdPerson Action Platformer - CoquiGames

[C++ Template]TwinStick Shooter - Danielvmacedo
[C++ Template]Rubik’s Cube - Danielvmacedo

[Papper2D]Chicken - Soulmapp
[Papper2D]Side Scroller Parallax System - Distul

[VR]VR Game Template - Mitchemmc
[VR]UE4 Rollercoaster - Teddy0


[Blueprint]Explosive Barrel - Pub Games
[Blueprint]Flickering Light - Pub Games

[Models]Adding collision meshes through Blender/UE4 German Version](:// -
[Models]Exporting Assets out of UE4 German Version](:// -
[Models]Creating LODs with Blender German Version](:// -
[Models]Creating LODs with 3DS German Version](:// -
[Models]Attaching Particles or Static Mesh to Sockets German Version](:// -

[Materials]Material Nodes Explanation German Version](:// -
[Materials]Wind Effect on Foliage Materials German Version](:// -
[Materials]Interior Water Material - Pub Games
[Materials]Wood Projection - StevePeters

[C++]Making a Session System over Internet - spaceharry

[Level Design]BSP Tool German Version](:// -
[Level Design]Creating Landscapes German Version](?v=yflvuX3Tfpc&index=2&list=PLyfbinWLdAUwiStRx7Zil-O0OLzpIBB9l) -
[Level Design]Foliage Tool German Version](:// -

[]Making Fire - Pub Games

[Others]How to migrate assets from one to another German Version](:// -

[Others]Collection of Russian Tutorials - Roman Potapov

Let me know if something isn’t free, if the links are broken or iif there’s only a demo etc… in order to remove my mistakes and have only free stuff here, its a big post and i cant check everything every day :slight_smile:

This will take me time, be patienc.


Please keep it updated! I will visit it once in a while!
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and to add what @ said, thread is nice, there is not too much content created by community, and some of the “free” webpages he posted only has 10% of content free (like turbosquid) in my opinio there are different things, Thanks.

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