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Would be great if you can add my “Dirty Bloom” textures:



-Updated with new assets & starting with tutorials :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for delay conection problems.

Now i’ll start adding the left tutorials i found, in tutorials i’ll put also youtube links and blogs like tom looman’s or peter l.newton, so not only forum links.

Where to I put the files after I download them? Im new :3

It depends on which one you use -> most of the stuff is placed into the content folder of your project or they are projects (so you just have to open them with the uproject file) :slight_smile:

~Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the effort to compile all the stuff, really great initiative.

Thanks a ton for this!

You could add tutorials here as well.

yesterday i found your blog, AWESOME TUTORIALS DUDE! of course i’ll add them, next update in a few days.

You can add this under shaders or materials:

Is a work in progress, but:

Its already look carefully

awsomwere! coud you do a part 2? i already dawnlloaded a few gbs in 3d models and textures :smiley:

Just got done creating a blueprint for grass that has 66 settings in all for it, as well as meshes, textures (some of the textures for the ground and such are from royalty free and the kite demo…just for the terrain and houses textures, not the grass itself) a tree and bush with 3d Imposter Sprites used for LODing and a terrain created with world machine. Hope you guys enjoy :slight_smile: here’s the link to the video showcasing it, with a download in the description . Thanks

Why isn’t this a sticky again?

I spent quite a while searching for this post…

Many Thanks for your efforts; really appreciated… although I’m not going to use at this moment…but have to obtain a copy of it for future needs… :slight_smile: I may guess it is for UE4.10, :rolleyes:

Hello! I’m new to this stuff (engine, designing, videogame making you name it). I was just wondering, are these assets royalty free or how does it work? And can anyone point me in the right direction to learn how to import/install them?

You need to be more specific, all this stuff is free but you have to read the thread created for each asset if you want to know about therms of usage,maybe you can have problems installing the plugins but the other stuff doesnt have much secret, so please be more specific as i can help you :slight_smile: