[FREE] Character Creator


I Recently uploaded a video of a little project I’ve been working on on YouTube.
It was the first time for me to do anything in UE4 but apparently people liked it so I decided to make a version for people to download.

Note that the logic behind this project is not quite the same as the one in the video as I had to compensate a bit in order to recreate the project in a day instead of multiple weeks. (I don’t have a lot of free time on my hands)
I don’t know if I will improve this project over time or not. I do “plan” on making more projects freely available in the future.

I hope it’s useful to you guys and if you decide to improve it, please share the results with everyone in this thread :slight_smile:


  • Material parameter influencing
  • Material instance swapping
  • Animation blending
  • Blend-shapes/Morph targets
  • Skeletal Mesh Socket spawning

This project was originally created in UE4 4.7.6.

UE4 4.7.6:

UE4 4.8.1:

This version should work with UE 4.9, 4.10 and 4.11

If you open the project, make sure that the play button is set to “New Editor Window” (from the pull-down menu).



This is wonderful. The clothes seem to morph well with the mesh which I’ve seen doesn’t always happen. Do they function as attachments in on of themselves or just a texture applied to the mesh itself?

I don’t know if I understand the question correctly, but the clothes are separate meshes with their own morphs. The textures are also separate instances that are swapped when you press one of the buttons.

thank you (twice) :slight_smile:

thank you:)

Very, Very, Very, Sexy…:rolleyes:

Thnak you but i cant get it working. I pressing play in standalone mode but it opens empty screen

Edit: I fixed it with added character creator widget in level blueprint and add a light source

Odd though. for me it seems to work just fine. Glad it works now :slight_smile:

@ - any chance you could make a guide for adding new base meshes to the system? E.g., for adding a male character.

Awesome work btw :slight_smile:

I cant get it to work in 4.8

Very nice Work i gonna use some time in a MMORPG i wish to make in Future XD

Thank you so very much

OH man… I found this on YouTube some time ago… it is more than AWESOME… thank you very much for releasing it to us…

On a second note… Would you consider building something that would be released in the Marketplace of UE ?

And third: Do you have someplace to donate to? I have not even see this… but… you have saved me a TON of time and money by doing this. I would like to donate a little mula and say a heart felt thank you. Once I can get this into Code Spartan’s MMOkit I’ll have the full setup to get into my game.

Thank you again

This is pretty sweet, I already have Fuse, but something integrated like this is just awesome.

Amazing Contribution. A great start for anyone interested in developing such systems. I look forward to merging it w/ Collage Constructed Armor and posting some screenshots. Thank again .

Awesome job bud!
I saw the Youtube video a few days ago when there was no download link, and now my eyes went O_O!
VERY gracious of you to provide this to the community.
A million thank you’s to you!

Added a few things (I’ll tone down that lighting later)

I haven’t checked for compatibility in 4.8. It was built in 4.7
They probably changed a few nodes again. Do you see any error messages?

Worked today for me in 4.8 - very exciting :slight_smile:

I just had to learn how to add the widget to the level in the level blueprint.

I am not sure at this time if I will make a more complete version for the marketplace. I have a version that works a bit different from what I’ve provided you guys but it is entangled in a lot of other code. I also very much prefer this to become something that we as a community can expand upon.
IF I do decide to make a version for the marketplace, it won’t be until another 8 months. I’m working on another UE4 project (which might be provided for free as well if I can finish it) that makes it possible for skeletal meshes to automatically adapt to any environment and interact with each other similar to ICO.

To answer your third question, the reason that you can’t find a place to donate to is because I never provided anyone with this information.
If you want to donate, I made this page for you: http://www.remcowillemsen.com/donate/ue4_charactercreator_donate.php
Thank you for considering it. It does help me.

At one point I decided to write a tutorial the size of a book instead of just recreating the project, but strangely enough that took me a lot more time which I can’t really spend right now.
If you can tell me exactly where you’re stuck I’ll gladly tell you what steps you should take.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the setup its a series of morph targets driven by an array controller with UMG sliders, correct?
Because that is the method that I’m using and its quite easy to manage, even because the entire character is a single mesh with various morph targets which the clothes basically inherit via a custom operator in Maya, which then is saved as a morph target which is linked to the UMG sliders.

I’m thinking to expand what you did, especially because I didn’t have time at all to create the UMG system, but now you got me curious and I’ll explore how you did it :slight_smile:

I strongly suggest you to release a marketplace version with basic functions ( such as basica blend shapes ) and release also the FBX/Maya/Max files, so that the user can expand it by himself, or release a “race” and submit it to the marketplace.
This honestly would sell a lot and the community will use it exponentially due to the customer itself who can expand the tool itself

Congrats dude, very awesome project and its free, you’re really generous ( and mad ) :stuck_out_tongue: