[FREE] Blueprints multiplayer replicated bonus spawn system

hi every one.
for my game i build a replicated bonus spawn system, and wanted to share it.
you can download it here :

how it works :

just drop bonus spawn points in your level ( those are just dummies, they don t render in game ) where you want bonus to spawn

the server defines the bonus types (random int that define type) and their location (randomly). the logic is in the newgamestate blueprint.
the bonus pickup is handeld in the newplayer controller blueprint
and the newgame mode is made for joining player to get the current bonuses

the timer and max bonus amount at one time are to be set in the gamestate / config variables

if you want to add a new bonus type, just add a new type in the bonusV2 blueprint in the function constructbonus, add a colour in the colorarray , and add geomettry as made in the function. and change the range of the random int node in the create powerup function of the gamestate

Works with listen and dedicated server (but haven ttested the seamless travel for now).
don’t hesitate to report bugs , and i plan to create a more complete PDF tutorial maybe later this week.

known issue : you can scale the spawner to fit you game’s scale, but the particle system won t render well

thank you.