Free Blueprint Templates, Tutorials and Other Stuff

Any other promosed templates?

More templates are possible, yes.

You thread says “templates” but there is actually one so I am bit confused, did I miss anything by chance?
If no I would suggest you to edit the title
Your work is good and I have respect to amount of knowledge you have. But if the case is just one template, you are just PRing yourself with a misleading title

Indeed, it says ‘templates’. This thread is still open because of the possibility of more templates. So far I made one quite a while ago, and more are possible. I even went on to ask time and time again for suggestions of templates, haha. My point is, it says ‘templates’ because of that possibility. If I make more, I simply link them here, without the need to edit the title. Thank you for the kind words, btw. I’m sure you’re a fountain of knowledge and skill yourself :).

Quick Bump.

So I just integrated the Advanced Locomotion Kit with The Art of Combat. I’m planning to make a video soon, but I can also do a live tutorial if anyone wants that.

Quick Bump.

What for? You haven’t submitted anything, there are NO free stuff, tutorials and contents, STOP CHEAP PR.

Bumping this thread is simply for 2 reasons: for those who might want/need content similar to the original post (first post of this thread) to see this thread, and to let you know I’m not dead :smiley: (I’m still alive and kicking, and working on quite a few things for you). Unfortunately, life’s been in the way a little with travel plans and NDA work (I wish I could show you some really good stuff). The next post will have a new link to new stuff~!

Hi guys,

Here’s a link to the Adrayvia: Hall of Sorrows game project I’ve been working on in my free time. It’s a UI-only game project, and takes direct inspiration from the beautiful game at…JI6Syf9ra?dl=0

Like I said, it’s still WIP, so I’ve not done too much, but still, you can connect to Steam, and also save your stats and have your stats load up according to your Steam profile. Also, I tried to make the UI as sleek as possible. If anyone wants to work with me on this, that’s very welcome. Otherwise, feel free to explore it for your own ends.

Let me know what you think. And again, I apologize for the long wait.

I also updated the link in the first post of this thread to point to the updated folder. Enjoy.

Hi Maxx. I’ve been learning UE4 non-stop for the past 2-3 months. I’ve never learned any coding languages nor had experience with any sort of game development prior to these past couple months. I’ve been keeping an eye out on this thread, to see if you would post anymore content. I’ve contemplated on posting here for many weeks, but it doesn’t seem like anyone else has suggested any ideas to you.

I’m extremely interested in going to the mobile-gaming scene with unreal engine. I was wondering if you could perhaps create a small (perhaps quick for you) demo of the basics of a tower defense game for unreal.

I’d just like to see some content regarding:

  1. Optimal method of spawning enemy waves. (create them off-screen vs. actually spawning them in?)
  2. A system that transitions you to a different screen after completing waves. This screen allows you to upgrade stats that are global for all towers.
  3. small demo of how towers acquire targets from enemy wave.
  4. and ability for enemy wave to fight with ally units spawned on the path.

This is just a suggestion, if it seems like too much work… please don’t stress yourself out. I’ve been trying to learn this the hard way, through trial and error. Though, I feel like… since this is my first project, I would learn much more if I were to be guided.

Thank you for your time!

Wow, I’m just seeing this. I apologize for the very late response. It seems you needed this a year ago. Do you still need this?

Even if he doesn’t still need this it’s not a bad suggestion for things to add. I haven’t checked this one myself in a while are you still updating it?

Which one are you asking if is still being updated?

Pretty sure that was the combat one. What all are you working on these days?

Mostly contracts under NDAs. Also, working on Adrayvia, and looking to publish an early access this year

Oh nice man. Good to see you are still hammering away on your project. I’m just breaking out of a long slump and it feels great haha.

Glad you’re back with us mate.