Free Blueprint Templates, Tutorials and Other Stuff

I’m Ibrahim Akinde, and I’ve been designing and developing games and modules with the Unreal Engine since September 2015.
I’ll be continuously releasing free blueprints that serve as templates, or blueprints that solve particular problems, as well as tutorials here, so make sure to stay tuned!

For starters, here’s a link to a tutorial about exporting and importing characters from DAZ Studio into UE4 without any need for third party software:

This is the link to the Tutorial’s Post: [Video] Exporting and Importing Characters From DAZ 3D into UE4 - No Third Party Software - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

Here’s a free Sidescroller template designed with the following features:

  1. Sidescroller Genre: The characters face each other and move left and right. The player can pan the camera left and right as well. There’s also the Jump functionality as well.
  2. Simple AI Melee Combat with certain variables to determine the personality of the AI:
  3. Aggressiveness ID: How aggressive the AI is: High rushes at the opponent at any given opportunity (determined by modular probability), then you also have Mid and Low.
  4. Defensiveness ID: How defensive the AI is: High evades a lot more when it perceives an incoming attack (determined by modular probability), and you also have Mid and Low.
  5. Multiplayer Support: The template is multiplayer ready.
  6. Simple User Interface (Health Bars and AI Personality Info): Health bars on screen reflect the health statuses of the characters, and the levels of aggressiveness and defensiveness of each character are also shown on-screen.
  7. Simple Modular Combat System: The entire combat system was designed in a single component that can be re-attached to any actor. So you can just as easily use it in your own project.
  8. Code Modularity: Every aspect of the code is written in blueprints, and is designed for modularity.
  9. Perception: The AI uses UE4’s perception system to determine their targets.
  10. Targeting System: The AICtrl blueprint (Custom AI Controller) contains blueprint code for an organic targeting system with the possibility of using tags to identify friend/foe/NPC. At this time foes and NPCs are already natively supported. Designing for friend identification is quite easy as well.


  1. Sidescroller GameMode
  2. Sidescroller Level Blueprint
  3. Sidescroller Character
  4. Sidescroller Animation Blueprint
  5. Custom AI Character Controller
  6. AICombat Component

So if you’re interested in this, just go ahead download it, play with it, possibly learn from it, and design around it. If you’d like more features, let me know.

Total Duration For Completion from Start to Finish: 6hrs 30 mins.
Difficulty: Amateur.

Download link: Dropbox - SideAICombat - Simplify your life


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Downloaded the sidescroller to see what I can learn from it. Upvoted, much appreciated

You’re welcome!

My pleasure. There’s a bunch of free stuff coming up soon, so get ready!

Of course, if you have specific requests, just detail them here, and I’ll pick one per two weeks to design. This is a free service :).

Note: Whatever I design will be in the form of a component that you can easily reattach to other actors, and will also be available as a free download for everyone. Start thinking.

Okay, I suppose since no one said anything, I’ll just rest easy :).

Here’s a short proof of concept vid for Adrayvia:

The proof of concept looks awesome, can’t wait to see the finished product! looks like you’ve put a lot of work into the character and animations

Thanks mate.

Thanks for sharing, sounds great.

My pleasure @hobbitjack. :smiley:

Did anyone else check out the Sidescroller Template?

Would be interested to know how u achieved the jiggle for the breasts and if its possible to get the template for adding the feature to other characters. Awesome shot though. Kudos.

The jiggles are a combination of animation, morphs and physics on the skeleton. That’s all I can really say about that, so I don’t think I can give you the template. Thanks!

Looks like it’s my birthday today :D. I almost forgot!

Hi, i tried that, but the mesh is not really smooth. For that i am looking "how to export a smooth daz character to UE4 with animation and smooth.
Is someone knows a solution?

Hmm…my export was pretty smooth. Are you using a Gen 3 char?

Hi guys, here’s a quick showcase for the June 2017 update for The Art of Combat:


Get it on the Marketplace: The Art of Combat in Blueprints - UE Marketplace
Get it on Gumroad:
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The Art of Combat Forum Thread: The Art of Combat - Melee Combat System for the Unreal Engine - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

Here’s the first in the new Tutorial and Overview series for The Art of Combat: