Free "Blueprint Office" content available for download in the Marketplace

Hi All,

If you haven’t already discovered this evening, we posted another Free piece of content available for download via the Marketplace, called “Blueprint Office”.

“The Blueprints Office project shows a wide variety of use cases for Blueprints ranging from level design tools to intelligent security systems to sophisticated AI behavior! Each example includes a brief in-game explanation!”

Hope you find them useful!



UPDATE: This sample project and many others now exist in the “Learn” tab.

Awesome stuff! Will check them out.

Thanks Ryan!

oooo… need to go download this… Thanks again Ryan.

This is a great example for blueprints and AI interaction :slight_smile:

Great stuff…thanks for the fast new content…Blueprints has been painless to use thus far but learning a few new tricks never hurts…sounds fun in fact…

well I WAS about to go to bed…

Thanks Admiral,
Downloading immediately…

Hmm I see in Market place this stuff but I can’t download. Its marked as “coming soon” :confused: Weird…

Same thing here… Still marked as “Coming soon”

restart the launcher, you didn’t update it


Could you make a Slate demo/tutorial? =D With simple and advanced stuff?

We have a feature on the backlog that will get you refreshed content in the launcher without having to restart. This should help a bit :slight_smile:


I’ll pass the feedback on to the team :slight_smile:


nice sample, I think I like the security cams the most:)

That dubstep/alarm music is amazing, i stood there and rocked out for a few good seconds on purpose :smiley: :smiley:

New content YAY ! Downloading now :smiley:

I hate to revive an old thread but I’ve pretty much done an exhaustive search and this was my last resort :slight_smile:
I cannot find this content in the market place. Has it been completely removed or is there an alternate “archive” where previous content can be downloaded?


Check the new “Learn” tab on the launcher, most of the example projects have been moved over there. :slight_smile:

Hah… cheers sir! Thanks for the heads up.

thx, now, I know where to find them now

I can’t find Blueprint Office in marketplace. Can someone send it to me or contact me via email: I really want to know how to create the Commentary Box in Blueprint Office. Btw, I am the beginner of UE4. Thanks a lot.