[FREE] Aws GameLift Client Plugin (with Blueprint support)

I recently made a plugin that supports GameLift Client functions (like Create Game Session, Player Session etc) with Blueprint support.

Feel free to check it out at GitHub :slight_smile:

nice contribution, thanks!

This is huge. Thanks!

Thanks guys :).

Thanks for this amazing plugin ryanjon2040! :smiley:

mobile support is needed

This still work?

Hello! I love this plugin but I have a few questions.

A. Should I run these nodes as a server or as a client? (Via The Has Authority? Node.)
B. What should I input into the pins where it says, “Key” and “Value”?
C. I see that you have made custom events such as, “OnCreateGameSessionSuccess_Event” and “OnCreateGameSessionFailded_Event”. How did you guys get the string values of error message and Game Session ID on your custom event node?
D. And my last question is that if I would implement a party system where you can play with friends, is this possible with the nodes or would I have to use C++. I would rather use blueprints because I am more comfortable with them.

Help is appreciated! Thanks so much!

You may want to check out this.

A.There is a “Is Server” node. you should run these node as a client
B.empty is ok. This is optional.
C.You should add “describe game session” node in this plugin.
You may want to check out this. This one has better integration, you don’t need an extra node to get the game session ID.
D.you can implement with unreal’s team ID system or create player session with a extra player property(this plugin does not support it, use this)