[FREE] AutoSizeComments

Changelog for future updates will be posted in the wiki

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Thanks for the amazing plugin! :grinning:
I am experiencing problems with sequences and events.
I also have the Blueprint assist plugin enabled with Auto Position Event nodes on.
When formatting a sequence, the comments are on top of each other (comment node padding is 30,30).
Each time I format, the event goes down, increasing the comment box and adding below nodes to the comment.
When I CTRL+Z, it becomes a big mess.

See it in video :

Is there a magical config to use to solve this problem?

It would be nice for example to set min distance between box (for not-child comments of course).

Hi @Louspirit Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t get a notification for this message :confused:. This looks like more of a BlueprintAssist bug, I’ve made an issue for you on github:

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