[Free] Auto Terrain Cover V3 - Release

Auto Terrain Texturer (Older version)
Plugin Created in 4.9/4.10/4.11 Size 532 MB:

Auto Terrain Cover V3 Plugin:
Size: 2GB
Download Via Gumroad

Install: To install the plugin make a Plugins folder in your project and Extract the AutoTerrainCover to it. Then make sure its enabled under plugins in the editor.

Supported Version: 4.13/4.14/4.18 +

Includes Plugin and World Machine Work files.

For Support Message me on facebook:

[FONT=HelveticaNeue-Light]EULA in plain english: You can use this in your game, you can use this to learn from, you can’t repurpose the plugin and resell it.

So I’ve been working on this for a while trying to update it and get a workflow for me that helps me put together a starting terrain. I’m no artist and i know i can’t be the AAA i wanna to try to be but I think this is a step in the right direction maybe? lol.

The Auto Terrain Cover V3 is a Auto material / terrain starting set that I have put together for me and to help others that want to learn how to do something similar. It’s a compilation of all the knowledge i have accumulated over the last 2-3 years using unreal and playing around with “This might be crazy but what if i could do A B and C”.

New things added / changes from the V2:
Added 11 Modular Background mountain meshes. With auto material for modifying the mountains appearance as you may need.
Added 1 tree using tree-it with LODs and adjustments. No Billboards…
Changed the RPG Sky and PPV effects from what they were in the other one. The previous release had overblown exposure settings and other settings that made any other object with standard material settings overly blown out.
Decreased the shader complexity.
Added the ability to dynamically shutdown layers of the material that is not needed in the final appearance of the terrain or mountains to lessen the overhead for the shader.
Added grass type height limits so restrict the grass type from appearing over a given height.
Added the ability to turn off the use of grass type in general per grass type Forest/Grass/Rocks
Recreated the masking for the terrain to have exact mask for the terrain coverage instead of over layered mask causing grass type overlaps and texture heavy texture bleeding and weird normal bleeding. Tried to make the volume clouds lighter but that failed so the clouds are in perpetual WIP until i get a better solution for clouds.

Since I’m not a wall of text kind of person here is a list of videos to show off what the plugin can do, how to use it, and other how to videos.

Quick Create: Auto Terrain Cover V3: Quick create. - YouTube

Fly Around: Auto Terrain Cover V3: Example Map fly around. - YouTube

Auto Terrain Cover V3: Material Break down and Explanation

Auto Terrain Cover V3: Using Vue / WM / UE4 Workflow

More imgur’s



4.14 Update:

Changes and updates:

Auto Terrain Cover V3 updated to 4.14. My focus in this release was performance efficiency and easy support for Epic’s Experimental Procedural Foliage Spawner. I’ve replaced all textures with proper sized materials, removed the light information using B2M from algorithmic. Removed redundant things from the master material. Added Dynamic Terrain Scaling to align the macro textures on the terrain properly without having to replicate the master material just to use the macro textures to a different sized terrain. My target performance was 60 FPS on a massive 8x8 tiled 8K terrain (I7 / 16GB Ram on a GTX 970). So far up until I add the overbearing grass to the grass type output I got over 60 FPS. I’m sure with better mesh assets it will shoot back up to 60. With the grass I got it to stay around 55FPS with and occasional dip to 50 on certain turns. As for the procedural foliage that’s working and simulating just fine. My only issue I’ve noticed is that when painting sometimes I could not erase painted data when using a hard edge for the brush. Might be an issue with 4.14. But anyway. I’ve setup the master Material to be a Theme setup material. Meaning that If you want to setup foliage coverage for a Dessert / Forest / Grassy Plains / etc, you can setup this in the master material and duplicate the example master material and setup your instance material with the needed example materials for that theme type. All the logic for the auto material has been migrated to a single material function with the Material Output, Grass/Forest/Rocks output mask. Making it easy to update the calculations for all other Terrain Themed Master Materials and Material Instances. I hope this helps some. I definitely am not done with this tool but I feel this is better than the other releases by far. Happy learning and happy dev-ing.

Updating to newer engine versions:

I made a tutorial about creating and updating content only plugins to other engine versions. I mainly have been requested to update my auto terrain cover to newer versions even though there are no changes to the plugin. So i created this to show others, one how to create their own custom library that can hold assets that they want to move from project to project and 2 showing what is needed to update the plugin binary files from one engine version to the next. I personally like doing this for c++ objects that are linked to BP objects as this allows you to move blueprinted c++ objects from one project to the other without worrying about breaking the parent class links in your blueprints. Mind you that this is only for content only but can be expanded to make your own plugin with your own content and game logics linked to c++ etc:


Oh snap! This is really cool! I did not expect this to be released this soon.

what about side textures? it’s stretched or its using triplanar like LAM?!

I was working on it the same time i was making the .13 version of the RPG Engine Toolkit.

Thank you so much for this!!

this…is…AWESOME, sweet share, thanks man xD

Thanks! :o

This is an awesome share. Good work!

This looks great , nice work :slight_smile:

World Aligned Texturing was really costly but you can add it.

@ is there a license for this?

The Eula is uploaded as on of the downloadable files. Thanks.

Ah, I see it now, thanks. The EULA reserves all rights. I don’t really agree with marking this as ‘free’ in the title when it is released under such restrictive terms, and I don’t see why you wouldn’t put it on the marketplace instead, if you don’t actually intend to give it away for people to use.

Its mainly for learning for those like me that were starting out wondering how the heck do i do ABCD. But its mostly so someone doesn’t just flip it and call it theirs and sell it. You can using it in your game, u can modify it for what you need for your own project. You just cannot redistribute it or repackage it and sell it as your own. Epic has the same kind if not more harsh terms for their free content.

Using Reduced Kite assets and other assets, mind you the area is a little big for what i planned for but it’s still interesting to fly around:

– edit im still trying to figure out how to get shadow play to only record the game itself… apologies.

Sorry to be a pain, but a user can’t use it in their game if they intend to sell or distribute their game, since you’ve reserved the rights to redistribution. Users also aren’t granted the rights to make derivative works, which is kinda necessary to integrate something like this into another project. What you just said in this post is not what your EULA says at all. Epic’s terms are nothing like this - they restrict the usage outside UE4 projects, but allow derivatives and redistribution as part of a game.


Incorrect sir, you read it wrong it says you can not redistribute the Auto Terrain Cover 3.0 meaning the plugin. Using it in the game will compile the plugin in to a package. You are not giving the plugin to anyone to use. They can not take it from your game and start using it. I’ve had this EULA for a few years now back when i sold things on Garage Games. I even removed the line that stated that you can’t make modifications because i want people to make modification. How else can you build on top of your learning. As stated before it mainly makes sure that people just don’t repackage and resell the plugin itself.

I don’t think this is correct. Firstly, using the plugin in the game may compile it to a package, but it is a derived work of the plugin, and therefore any rights restrictions will apply. Since you are not assigning any usage rights to the user of your plugin, they cannot redistribute it or any part of it as part of their game. Secondly, removing a line not allowing modifications is not the same as adding a line that allows them - a user cannot create derived works of your plugin (modifications) unless you explicitly allow them.

Plainly: if someone compiles copyrighted source code that they do not own to an executable, they do not automatically obtain the rights to distribute that executable.

well, as the creator has stated - you can use it in your games no problem …
also, so we are not beating a dead horse here … edit it … do whatever you want … just dont use it and resell it on the marketplace.

why is this hard to understand? regardless of the EULA, the OWNER/CREATOR of this has stated its ok to use and add to your game, edit, change, sell a game containing this plugin …

any more questions pertaining to the EULA setup by the owner of the plugin ?

Thanks for sharing man - dont let the nit-pickers bring you down lol

The creator has also asked for consent to a legal agreement that does not allow those things, which is why I am asking about it. I’m hardly beating a dead horse by making 2 forum posts.