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Hey guys and girls, each of you who has experience with making games, animations, or modeling, knows how difficult is pay all of those licenses. So to collect money for licenses that I need and new equipment (my laptop runs pretty bad you will notice in video) I made some cool assets for Unreal engine 4. You can download it for free. For each download I get few cents and you get a couple of cool assets which I made in Autodesk Maya. On video bellow you can see how it looks in Unreal engine 4, and in descrption of video you have a links to download. Assets are in FBX file and MB file so if you want you can immport immediately in to Unreal or you can reopen in Maya and modify optionally. Assets including trees (autumn and summer tree), fences (new and old fence) and grass. I will continue adding assets until I reach the goal, you will be able to find it on my blog (:///) or on my you tube channel.

If you downolad, thank you for your support, and if you don’t, no harm done. And remember it’s free.



Nice, thank you for sharing -> when I’m at home I will take a look at them :slight_smile:

These are some nice free assets, thanks for sharing!

What kind of assets are you planning to offer in future?

I’m glad that you are interested in my assets and think they are looking good. Honestly it can be much better, but for that I need more time, and now time isn’t my ally. My Adobe Photoshop CC licence alredy expired, and reseller in my country only sales yearly licence, so I have to use another photoshop. By the way does anyone knows some another good photoshop?
I have alredy made in Maya some barrels, cart, just have to upload textures, plan to do pine trees, rocks, boxes, more trees, plants, grasses and so on. And it will be much better and more realistic than these.

Your asset download links just go to surveys, can you re-host them somewhere else?

Sorry, I will reaplace them, try from this link: :// you just have to put some characters to download, because I’m uploading files for free they put some commercials. I tired to download and it’s working.

Thank you, that’s better.

If you guys really want a list…





Enjoy it.


Thank you for sharing. I downloaded few and I tried to import in Unreal engine but some had bad textures, and some not working at all. Maybe they are not made for Unreal.

I agree with Ado. Most of the time, such websites provide assets which aren’t game engine friendly. That’s also why we decided to create UE4 blog where we post content specifically for game engines.

Anyway, thanks for sharing!

I made a new asset you can look at:
Description of asset and link to download you can find on my blog: :///

Until next time…

Hi guys,
today I made a wood barrel, with limited tools its actually very good looking barrel. You can find it on my blog:

Hi guys,
thank God I finally got Adobe Photoshop CC and now I can continue my work. I made wooden bridge you can find it on my blog: :///

Thanks for your shares !

You are welcome. New asset available on: :///

Get new asset on: :///

Very helpful info, thanks guys

new asset is ready and available: :///


newbie question how do I get the assets into unreal 4 with the texture etc.


To import in unreal :
Download the “unreal version” zip from filedropper link and extract it.
Then in unreal click import in content browser and check in advanced settings the import textures/material boxes. Then click import.
It is done.
You now can set it in your level with material applied.