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Hi Fen,

I did that but the materials are not applied.



that is usual problem when you import materials from Maya into Unreal engine especially for the trees, grass or plants but, before we fix that you have to import material correctly make sure when you importing material your “import material and import texture” are included I think because of that your tree doesn’t have any texture. Then double click on the leaves textures in your case its “Tree2_03_Texture_AutumnLeaves” to open conectors then in left corner in material section change opaque to masked and then fix the alpha channel puling white conectore from your texture sample to opacitiy mask then hit apply and save and it should work. I will upload on my blog better trees then these. If you have any questions about materials please contact me.

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Hi guys,
new free assets available, two great swords and more, visit:

thx bud! very usefull! I hope you can continue your study’s and reach your goal eventually!

Swords ! So cool ! ^^ Thanks for the gift once again.

Hey mate I think you should add a donation button on your blog as well :slight_smile:
So anyone how have some extra coin can donate some of them for your great work,

Thanks mate, I tried but unfortunately paypal doesn’t support my country with donation button. Anyway new free assets available:

why do you people always put these “FrEE” files up on register to download sites? that is lame

Hello Drixil !
Your first post is really fair and cool.
I would say : Why do you “Drixil” post reply like this before spending a few minutes to look at this thread and see that someone ever talked about those links in first replies and then the thread creator sent another link totally free to use ? that is lame.

I have nothing for or against this thread author or content but someone gives free gifts to community and he is not gift by a “thank you for this”. Sorry, i think it is absolutely not fair… If you are someone fair, you will apologize.

I think you don’t need to register just to input some characters because as I said before I’m uploading files for free and they put some commercials but, I will try next time to upload files on mediafire and you will be able to download directly without annoying commercials or regstration.

Thanks mate!

New asset available for download:

Hi, I made a new sword you can download it from: It’s absolutely free and always will be c7a9d4249419190f48b4f8034947261af55a8593.jpeg

Question: Are end users permitted to use these assets in a released project, paid or unpaid?

I will have copyright problems with these items? If I use a sword in my game I will have a problem?

The assets the op offered are fine because he is the one giving them to you, be careful with sites like archive3d, no legal info, no author info, no credibility.

You could offer 2 versions. A free version and a paid version for people who want to contribute.

can u put in firedrive, dont put on drop file?

Link is down please repair

Most links are no longer valid on your free assets. Only 2 worked - the unreal pistol and the assets you put in later. Plz reupload. Thx.