[FREE ASSET] Dynamic UMG crosshair

Hey guys, I made a simple crosshair in UMG and perhaps you could find a use for it. You can change the size and thickness of it dynamically and also the spread (perhaps you can base it on movement?)
Download it

Open the UMG Widget and click the root object:

You have 3 variables you can change to any size/shape/color you want.


Thanks a lot ! This is a really cool add to the community…

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Thank you

Nicely made! Thanks ! =)

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Rad! Thanks !

Glad you guys like it, is a simple way to bind it to your characters velocity:


This is very nice! Thank you.

Thanks ! :smiley:

Very nice ! Thanks !

nice and thank u

Simple but useful !!! thx

Incredible, you call that a simple crosshair? …whatever, I very appreciate you just get me out of trouble which puzzle me for days

The link appears to be down, Anyone kind enough to share this again?

Awesome. Thanks for sharing. :wink:

How do I import this into my project? When I try to add it to the content browser it gives me an error with the .uasset file type.

this is not ok. You cant just say “u did this”.

I did this :3


Thx for sharing :slight_smile:

Hi, can you please update the download link? It doesn’t seems to be working anymore :frowning:

You have to drag\drop the *.uasset to the project folder.

But I can’t find a way to get it to render in-game. I’m probably missing something really noob-y .

Is this no longer available?

Not available, it appears the site that was hosting the file is down…can anyone reupload please ?