[FREE ASSET] Dynamic UMG crosshair

Oh its shame, any chance to re-upload it?

ahh, dang… I didn’t get a chance to d/l it when I saw it before… Hoping for a d/l fix…

The link is still down, plz give us a new one :slight_smile:

Link is down :frowning:


It seems a bit off, the black border doesn’t show up around the white.
Edit: nvm, there needs to be a minimum thickness of 6.

I have a player character blueprint, I added a widget component to it, and added the WBCrosshair blueprint as the Widget class on my character blueprint, but nothing appears when I play. What am I doing incorrectly here?

edit: works perfectly. just create a new hud class blueprint, use create widget node for the WBCross widget, use a add to viewport node as well and do all the velocity checks (if you want it to spread) the OP posted in a screenshot few comments up, inside the hud blueprint.

Seems very nice, but please, could anyone make a simple tutorial to how use it? :slight_smile:

How? im so confused how to set it up

My host has some troubles, so a lot of my content is down. I hope I find time soon to re-upload these assets :slight_smile: Sorry for the broken link!

I have created crosshair tutorial as well : How to add spread and dynamic crosshair to weapon | Shooter Tutorial

thanks a lot Osman! this is really great!

Please fix the link osman. It would be very much appreciated. I can’t wait to use this feature.

well whenever i press download here its bring to a page were there is nothing there

link is bad, please fix, i need these material. :frowning:

The file link is broken does any one have the file they can share please? cheers!

Link is broken, please update it !

It’s no longer available

link to the crosshair?

Broken link :frowning: