[FREE] 3D models and assets

Hi, we are a very talented 3d artists and wanna share our website. we are offering FREE 3d models for you. YES, FREE !
visit link removed and like our fanpage link removed
here are some previews of our models, enjoy !

deer.pngcanon_thumb.jpgship wheel.pngthumb.pngrender.pngirving.pngHorse_chess.pnglamp oblong.png

we update our contents everyday, so make sure you bookmarked us!
thank you :slight_smile:

models look great but got hit by spam as soon as I hit the link almost :frowning:

ouch, we’re sorry, we’ll fix that ASAP. thanks!

This looks awesome! With which name do I credit you in my game?

Also, when applying for a Newsletter, I get this:
The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled

Beautiful work, everything I have downloaded looks fantastic in U4. Do you ever do statues? We need statues badly, strange ones. The weirder the better. We are doing a really strange game, and need strange assets, and we have money! Would love to talk with you about maybe building some stuff for us if you have time.

Thanks! we apreciate that, you can credit us to, thank you :slight_smile:
oh, and about newsletter, we’re sorry that we had some problems, you can still subscribe to our google plus or on our facebook page

Thank you very much! we’re glad to share with you. about your game and specific models, you can PM us on and we’ll talk about it further. cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, I will be getting with you soon

everything looks nice ille be sure to subscribe to your news letter

cant subscribe by email unfortunately

yeah, we’re sorry that subscribe features still on problems. we’ll fix that ASAP. thank you

Heya, nice work on the models although I can’t seem to be able to access your website.

really? you can try or

Hmm strange, well it works now so thanks! Some really good models, very cool of you to give it away for free - one thing I’d love to check out the light with the circular pattern light shadow (last picture in the OP) on it but can’t find it on your website, think you could link it to me?

thanks! glad to share tho.
here’s the link for decorative light :

I’ve look at some assets and they’re very well made :smiley: Plus, they’re are free so many THX for that!

But in the textures folder from each asset, there is no diffuse, spec, ao or normal maps ??? I don’t understand, where the textures are located ?

Very beautiful models.
But your site looks like someone gave up creating it till the end.
I can build the website for you if you want, just pm :wink:

Is it free to use for commercial projects too? Asking coz you have some Copyrights on your site with “All Right Reserved” but no more information so please make yourself clear.

Bumping here. I would also like to know more about this.