FREE 100 4K Texture - Metropolis

Hello best game developer community!

I would like to announce our next pack which will be available for download August 30.

Metropolis is a** FREE Texture Pack for Unreal Engine 4** with the set PBR materials.
For commercial, non-commercial, educational use.

The main objective of which I put in the development of this content, creating a metallic surface with an interesting and varied patterns :slight_smile:

Inside archive you may find:

100, HQ 4K Seamless Metallic Textures.
Set PBR Metallic Materials.

More info and screenshots are coming soon…
Stay tuned!

What you think about this? This is interesting for you? This is need for your current or maybe next game?

With Love To All Developer Teams!


Wow, they look fantastic ! :smiley:

Will the materials have reflection values since they will be all shiny :o

Nice! Looking forward to use those textures :smiley:

Awesome gift, Can’t wait to find a reason to use them!

Things like this really inspire me to give back.

this looks fantastic too!

Quite a huge gift man. Thanks! The unreal community absolutely rocks!!!

Thanks man!

Wooooow, this is simply pretty amazing :smiley: would love to get these textures to put into project(s)

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

yes, interested!

Wow. Now that’s metallic.

Thank you for sharing!

Steve, I just checked out your site, really cool! Signed up for email alerts…!

Great and welcome dear reader :slight_smile:

You can be sure that this pack will be added to my UE4 resources page when release !!! :smiley:

This is great! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:
Release highly expectated :slight_smile:

Has the giveaway ended? I just came across this but the page says Aug. 30 availability but its not there.

no, I think he hasn’t released it yet, he announced it too on the facebook-page “Unreal Engine 4 Developers Community” 2-3 weeks ago, but no news yet…

Hi there!
I have a some problem with uploading! Sorry! Today or tomorrow this content will be available, it’s 100%
Stay tuned! :slight_smile:
Best Regards!

Great news! :smiley:
Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Your team always produces such wonderful and helpful content ! Have been a fan since your first space scene.

I see that you used Substance Designer for the textures. Will you be including the .sbsar files for those of us with Designer to see how you built the textures?