FREE 100 4K Texture - Metropolis

Metropolis now is Out!
Enjoy! My best friends!
If you love something… just get it free :wink:

Link for downloading: Metropolis




With Best wishes to all developers!


Wooooooooooooow thanks Dneproman!

Ty very much for your work.
saving for later

Fantastic! Thank you very much Dneproman!!:slight_smile:

I also tried to migrate the content to the UT-Editor, but I can’t open/use the files of Metropolis there.

Doesn’t the UT-Editor support 4K-Textures ? (because size of map would become ridiculous big?)

Greetz from Austria

The dwn link doesn’t work for the moment. Still…

I wanted to say ;

All the textures look awesome.
The presentation is really nice, awesome too :smiley:
The music track fit’s perfectly well ! It is include with the tx pack ?

So, I’ll wait for a working dwn link and MANY THX for this amazing package !!!

Hi there!

Thank you all!
We are pleased that this modest content you like and you want to use it!

Friends, for me, uploading to the network, has become a real challenge.
My Account often block on the Dropbox and now on MEGA due to the fact that it creates a heavy load on the server and generates too much traffic, it’s explained in an official letter from Dropbox.
In short, they all want money and offer Pro tariffs :slight_smile:
For example, content Monolith many time generated more then 1Tb traffic in month (more then 250 downloading/month), and now is temporarily unavailable :frowning:

I decided this month to move to package the service Pro I on MEGA, I hope it will help us to avoid problems with uploading content to the network.

About music…
It’s my hobby, i R&D in sound from 2004 year.
I love sound design, my favorite software is a procedural software Reaktor, it’s like SideFX Houdini but for music :slight_smile:
Also i love record some nature samples and mixing and etc…
To our library i create 15000+ samples and of course works continue.
All my music it’s pure improvisation.
Sometimes i share my work, just for free.
I’m not professional, and it’s not my work.
It is just interesting to me.
If you like this, welcome!

Best Wishes!

alright, that explains a lot :frowning:

I think you overlooked my question there Dneproman:

**Doesn’t the UT-Editor support 4K-Textures ? **(because otherwise the size of maps would become ridiculously big?)
can’t use your awesome metropolis materials in the UT-Editor :rolleyes:

If I could answer that question, I would say.
This question not for me.

UT is Unreal Tournament?
Well, in really, I have never installed Unreal Tournament, and i never play this game.
Oops :slight_smile:

yes, the UnrealTournamet-Editor
gotta ask this on the AnswerHUB :slight_smile:

thank you for all your effort and for answering :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! These are amazing!

big spasibo !!!

Nice, dude! Looks awesome. :smiley:

Awesome!! I’ll definitely going to use them in my next project!
Thanks man!

If you want to add a mirror, I’ve upoad the package to my GoogleDrive account.

Click here to dwn :smiley:

Big thanks!
We produce free content for UE4, and just we want that users have quick and easy access to it.
In really it’s be a help, thanks :slight_smile:
I add your link in our site.

looks awesome! definitely going to use it!!!

Amazing man!

amazing but i cant downloaded

Thank you for sharing!

Good stuff. Gonna build something in cyberpunk style with it.