Framerate issues (super-low framerate)

I just created a new project in UE4, with the Third Person C++ template, and even with nothing else added to it, I am getting a paltry framerate of around 10fps (94ms to execute the Draw thread) when I PIE. What’s going wrong? I have a desktop computer, i5 processor with 3.2Ghz processor speed, 16GB of RAM, an NVIDIA 610 2GB DDR3 graphics card and running Windows 8.1. I know my system isn’t top-notch, but it isn’t supposed to be sub-par either. And I’m confused because even before I installed my graphics card, I had no issue playing games built in Unreal (pre-UE4, though) like the Splinter Cell and Mass Effect series, albeit not on the highest settings, so I thought I’d be able to replicate the same level of graphics with the same hardware. Did things change with UE4? Would games made in UE4 have a substantially more resource demand? Or is it because I haven’t cooked and packaged the game yet, or am I missing something?

Has anybody else experienced this?


I don’t know if it’s an actual issue but I would say your graphics card is not suited for UE4…

Lowering the quality settings should help a bit.

This should help you get hopefully around 30 fps?

24 on low settings, 15 on medium, but that’s only a fraction of the full screen. I guess I should explain myself more clearly - I don’t really mind my own framerate lagging, but is this something I should be worried about in general? Is there a chance that the game I build could potentially have performance issues on other machines (presumably with better GPUs) too?