Framerate issues on Steam VR

I’m working with SteamVR, and we’re struggling to get it working at the correct framerate. We’ve created an empty scene (with a box) and turned on HMD camera. We’ve created a build and copied it over to the PC with the headset connected, pressed alt-enter to go fullscreen. While the headtracking is working well, we’re running at about 45-50fps. The low framerate is hard on the eyes, with ghosting and juddering in the level.

Are there a specific set of settings we need to run to get this running at the correct framerate?

I met the same problem,do you have it solved?

Same Problem here. Would be interesting to know how you solved the problem. Thanks

Yes how? How are people shipping games with hella stuff in the scene at 90 fps? Im having the same issue with hardly anything in the scene