Framerate falling down slowly during gameplay

Hi, i’m developing a 2d platformer game (using sprites, tilemaps and flipbooks), now that i have something quite playable, i’ve noticed that the framerate is going down slowly, at first, the game runs at 120 fps, after 30 seconds (it may vary) the framerate falled to 90 fps, and so on, reaching like 15 fps or even less.

i have a good PC overall (GTX960, I7-4790k, 16gb of RAM), so this isn’t the issue, but i heard that “event tick” tend to slow down the framerate.

So i’ve optimiced my blueprints, using like 2 event ticks (animation and movement) for every enemy AI and 1 for the player. (my HUD widget has one too).

is there something else that may be causing this? (i still keep an eye about the event tick issue), and for someone who wants to do a mobile game, what can help me to optimice my game?

finally, after some research, i’ve found this issue (the Orange text, SELF), but still don’t know what to do.

If it FPS spike who increase over the time, use NoVerifyCG and NoAiLogging.

If it’s not the case, performance decrease over the time is synonyme of sometime spawn over the time, and never been destroyed. So try with the different stat commands to watch for something who increase over the time.

Would be also nice to know if you are GPU bound, or CPU Bound.

Thanks for the response, i’ve resolved my issue, but it wasn’t related to this.

It was the Event Tick in my FollowCamera blueprint, doing a redundancy.

Glade to ear you fix it !