Frame Rate Of Unreal Engine

Hello everybody
I Using unreal engine for make a game, everything in unreal engine is incredible and i really love unreal engine to do my stuff.
But Why unreal engine frame rate is low?
for example in a blank project without any object and lights frame rate is ~40 FPS with ~25ms while in unity the empty scene frame rate is ~1800 FPS with 0.5ms

I Created an example scene with 1,700,000 vertex in both unity and unreal engine
The Frame Rate in unreal engine is ~27 FPS with ~35ms while in unity Frame Rate is ~65 FPS with ~15ms

What is reason that unreal engine have low frame rate? is there anyway to fix that?

Are you saying you get 40fps with an empty level, not lights? Sure there’s nothing in the world outliner?

Thanks for your response, yes i get 40fps with an empty level, without anything, no light, and nothing in the world outliner

Same problem here.
GPU: 1060 6GB
CPU: I7 7700K @4.2 Ghz
RAM: 32 GB
Blank scene runs between 25 and 35 fps (was getting like 150 fps weeks ago)

As reading thousand “low fps” topics, I’ve tryied :
Turn off Nvidia overlay in GeForce Experience
Close all background process
Turn off Windows defender
Update drivers
Still the same low framerate.

What I really don’t understand is that GPU visualizer is reporting something like 3ms for rendering while “stat fps” command is reporting something like 33ms :

Sans titre.png

Unity applies automatic instantiation of your static meshes in a scene by default. That’s what they call “batching” there where you see over 2,000 objects.
In Unreal you have to configure some things in settings for auto instancing or use instanced static mesh components.

Doesn’t solve the problem we both have with empty level