Frame-Rate Independent Motion Controller Overlap Events?

Is there a way to make Unreal overlap events not dependent on frame-rate so that overlaps are also predicted between visual frames?

From what I understand, Unreal’s overlap system is dependent upon the frame rate so that overlaps are only generated when two objects are visually overlapping on a given frame. If an overlap happens between two frames, but does not occur during a visual frame, it does not generate an overlap event.

I am making a VR experience which allows the player to overlap with various objects using their motion controllers and these overlaps are used to trigger specific game events. But, if I move my motion controller really fast through a small object in the scene, sometimes an overlap event will not occur because there was not a rendered visual frame of the overlap, although in reality, my controller passed through the object between frames.

Is there some setting in Unreal that allows me to predict between-frame overlaps? If not, should I try rolling my own overlap system for this purpose? Any suggestions surrounding this problem?


hey there !
did you try using CCd ?

Thanks a lot for the help here! This seems to have worked for me! I seem to also be dealing with a separate issue where, when the motion controller is moved very fast, Unreal over-predicts the position/rotation and renders the controller as being further away than it is in reality. This is also causing some issues for my overlaps. But glad to have the between frames issue worked out!