Frame on Bottom and Left of VR screen space

Has anyone seen this issue? Is it common? How do I fix it?
It’s intermittent depending on the angle, some angles have no issues, others have this border.

There is a frame on the bottom and left with brighter lighting. It seems like the render buffer is too small and pushed in the top left of the screen. Not getting this in the Couch Knights project.

I’m using OVR 0.8 runtime and UE 4.10.1. AMD R9 290 driver 15.201.1151.1010 (11/18/2015)

Here’s another shot of the exact same scene, at a different angle that has no issues.

Update: I can fix the issue by running HMD sp 100, Running a screen percentage that is > 100% will result in this issue. I tried 120, 135, and 150 also. It seems that HMD pd 1.0 is 135, and that it’s the default.

Same issue, worked around using SP 100. UE 4.10.1.

GTX980 / TitanX, 359.06 drivers, Windows 10