Frame buffer rotated 90 degrees on Android 11 on certain devices

We have an issue on Unreal 4.21 with Landscape orientation on Android 11 on specific device. The touch detection are properly set in Landscape but the visual / frame buffer is at 90 degree. The visual have the proper Landscape ratio and size but is is rendered in “Portrait”. It look like the FrameBuffer do not use the proper rotation Matrix. This happen for now only on Pixel 3XL, 4, 4XL and Samsung s20 on Android 11.

We also tried with the same Unreal version a dummy clean empty project but the bug do not happen.

We build with SDK 29 and NDK 21. We tried upding to SDK 30 but the game do not boot (Still investigating this part)

Also take note that we have custom part in Unreal, it is not the default build of the Engine.

We are trying to figure out where we should look in the rendering pipeline to find issue with the Framebuffer.