Fracture physics baking

Is it possible to make a tool that would bake physics into animation? (now with alembic support it should be achievable)

Basically fracture mesh > simulate physics (falling/bounding/sliding pieces and debris) > bake that into anim > playback anim

Quite useful on mobile platforms for performance reasons.


You can already do this in a 3rd party application like Maya: Render a Bullet simulation with Alembic | Maya 2016 | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Is there a specific reason you want to this in the editor?

Initially the issue was with exporting baked physics anims, but now it shouldn’t be a problem with Alembic format.

I use Blender and fracturing tools aren’t great there. Plus whatever pieces of my scene I made in Blender aren’t in 1:1 scale, so it’s gonna be pain to make sure scale in Blender matches to UE4 to simulate and export properly.

So doing all that in UE4 would make things so much easier and more streamlined.