FPS Shooter Sample network lag

Hi there.

I was trying out the FPS Shooter’s multiplayer mode. But I realized some significant lag on client even when hosting using localhost. Please provide an email , I will email you a captured video for examination. The entire video was captured in 30fps, the stutter is quite obvious and I’m quite positive it’s a network lag.

Please provide an e-mail where I can send you since I’m unable to attach video file.

Hi Ryan,

Sorry haven’t responded this in over a week. Totally swamped.

It seems that I’m unable to connect to the FTP server… Filezilla citing
“EAI_NODATA - No address associated with nodename”.
on ftp.epicgames.net

Is there a direct email address I can send you on .

My Machine spec is , let me know if you need more details.

AMD FX8350 4.0GHZ ( 8 core )
16GB of RAM

I’m able to run the shooter demo at far above 30fps even with several clients running.
I’m pretty positive it shouldn’t be spec related.

I believe its ftp.epicgames.com try that and if that doesn’t work you email me at my firstname.lastname @epicgames.com

Hey Jeremy,

You should be able to put the video on the FTP. Also what are the specification of the machine you were running this on?

Best Regards,


I just got it uploaded, it’s in the folder


There were some lags throughout the video. The most obvious one is at

0:19 - 0:21
0:22 - 0:24 ( at 0:23 when player is walking towards the pedestal )

Hey Jeremy,

Me and a fellow coworker tested this out on both the host and client ends we didn’t see any lags. We were running the latest clean shooter games from Rocket beta 4.

Best Regards,


I have just re-tested them today.
Not sure if it’s only related to local host issue. But I’ll get this further tested when timing is convenient.

I’ve re-recorded a localhosted game and uploaded a comparison of server and client experience recorded over 10 seconds of gameplay.

It is to be noted that in both instances, game is running at 59-62fps even with the video recording. video is recorded at 30fps. The ‘glitch’ only occur on client. You can compare in the both video. Both videos are in the same folder called ‘FPS_networklag’

I’ll get test several other aspects when timing is right using different machines and perhaps by setting up a matinee path or something.