[FPS Game] UBERCOLD - Time moves only when you DON'T move

Hello guys!
I wanted to share WIP of a small project we’re working on. It was supposed to be an October UE Game Jam entry, but we didn’t manage to finish this within 3 days. However, we had so much fun developing it so we set our internal goal and want to finish this game in one week.

UBERCOLD is a time bending FPS game. Time moves only when you DON’T move.

Does it sound familiar? You need to know that we were strongly inspired by the creators of SUPER HOT (in case you missed it somehow: ), but our gameplay is reversed. Unlike in SUPER HOT, you need to move all the time to dodge the bullets. It’s kinda like this guy:

Since this project has been made using: Blueprints only, free content delivered by the Epic and community tutorials, we will share complete project with you for free.

DOWNLOAD Game: Here (Complete project files will be available after clean-up)

Current version: 0.2

Change list:

  • Added simple game options (graphics quality)
  • Reduced size of the package

Check out the UBERCOLD teaser:

The newest screenshots:

Stay tuned for more updates!

Looks very much like SuperHOT. Still very awesome, can’t wait to see more progress.

Great work so far m.orzelek!I am very excited to see how this project turns out. Keep up the great work! Also, be sure to keep us updated on any progress made within this game.

@Neur0t1c , @Sean Gribbin: Thank you for comments. I included them on our trailer :slight_smile: Hope you like it!

I watched the teaser - nice humour :wink: and game looks really nice, interesting reverse of SuperHot. :slight_smile: Waiting to play this and it’s great that you’re going to share the project with community!

Loved the teaser!

Demo is available to download!

Complete project will be uploaded soon! Stay tuned.

Whoah! Uber Awesome!

I uploaded UBERCOLD gameplay.

Check this out:

Awesome work on the trailer. I opened this thread again and saw that a trailer had been posted so I immediately watched it without reading your comment about putting me in the trailer. All I could think was “Hey, that’s my name.” LOL. Loving the gameplay trailer. Awesome work!

I checked out the game and it’s just awesome, loads of fun, congratulations! :slight_smile:

Okay, that teaser trailer was super funny.

I really like the looks of the project! :smiley:

wow this is uber cool :slight_smile:

Glad you like it! It’s not another casual FPS game, so I’m very curious how you guys play it :slight_smile:

@Dishwasher: did you manage to finish the game? :slight_smile: what’s your time score?

Yes, I did finish it, although the last level was much harder than it looked at first glance. :slight_smile: Shame the game is so short. :wink:
My time score wasn’t good, because for the most part I was fooling around, enjoying the time mechanics and graphical effects (braking wall tiles + shotgun + few enemies + slow-mo = fun)! :smiley:


Awesome work guys, looks like a blast to play + the benifit that I can get my slow-mo fix until at least SUPERHOT is released :smiley:

wow, the gameplay looks really fun. Reminds me of max pain in a good way.

m.orzelek great work done so far. Waiting for it’s completion. :slight_smile:

Dude, this is fun!
I’m swearing a lot, but it’s really fun.

Have enyone a fix for ubercold for unreal editor 4.61 or 4.70preview when i load the project in a new editor 4.61 or 4.70 the editor crashes
i can load the project in editor 4.61 or 4.70 when i delete in the Blueprint/Bot/Check For Player/(make it empty) and then upgrade to 4.61 or 4.70 you can load the project
without crash but when you add Check For Player again and closes the editor and load the editor again it crashes again