FPS FallDown in editor after package (VR)


I report this bug after so many days lost to find it, so i hope it will be helpful.
I would prefer that i just made a mistake, faster to solve … ^^

Summary : I lost 30FPS in my Oculus Rift between before and after a packaging.

When i work in the editor (4.9.2), there isnt problem : i hit the 75 FPS neccessary to the rift.
I use the tool “Launch” on my computer. I hit the 75 FPS in VR mode with no problem as you can see on the screenshot (73FPS).

I do nothing more than a Package Project > Windows > Win64.
Waiting for the package… Package complete ok
And do the “Launch” a second time in the editor.
This time I only hit 41FPS in VR mode !

I can close the editor, open, restart my computer it changes nothing, i’m definitely blocked at 40FPS since i package…

I try the content packaged : same thing the game is around 41 FPS.

Interesting to know :

  • the problem doesnt appear in “normal mode” (not in VR mode), FPS stayed he same.

  • i have this probleme since an update, but… don’t remember if it was the moment i go to 4.9 from 4.8, or just 4.9.2 from 4.9.1… sorry.

  • i have a second computer with unreal : same problem

  • I have an old healthy project, it works well because i nbever package it since i did this update. I tried to clone it : the clone hit the 41FPS directly, even if i don’t package.

It seems to be something wrong with links folder around the VR mode… But it’s definitely out of my limited skills.

I will try to re instal 4.8 and see if the bug is still there.
It’s really important because in the Rift with a 40FPS range, we are sick in a minute…

I stay at your disposal for any information and hope there will be a solution soon because i have some projects to package…

Thanks in advance

For the moment, after some tests, the problem doesn’t appear in 4.8.3.