FPS changes when I point the camera to different Axis

I’m having an optimization issue. It seems that I have low FPSs in certain parts of my map. I tried to optimize by reducing the lightmaps and textures of basically anything, and no effect.
After some tests to try to fix this issue I discovered that the fps drops when I point my camera to -X axis. If I point my camera to +X axis the framerate goes up, and so it does when I point to any Y and Z axis direction. I only have problem with one side.

Does someone knows how to solve this?

It’s not a mystery, I’m afraid. Basically, then FPS drops when the thing causing the problem comes into view.

What is that?

A very easy way to find out, is to bin everything on that side of the map ( turn off auto-save ). Does that fix it? Then undo and only delete 1/2… etc.

Testing in PIE does not realllllyyy produce useful information as to performance. Testing for performance should be done in the cooked build and personally I’ve experienced huge difference in performance as the engine no longer needs to support the tool sets of the editor.

Once you have a cooked build you can then run a profile that will create a log of what is actually occurring during run time that will point at the very issue you are looking for.