FPS camera rotation problem (rotates around player)

I’m having a problem with the rotation of my fps camera. It seems like it is rotating around the center, not in the center itself. It causes me problems like seeing through walls and wierd head movements.

Here is how it looks: https://streamable.com/2u7go

Here is how I wanted(something like that): https://streamable.com/t680n

Problems it causes: https://streamable.com/u3xrq

Which camera configurations should I mess with to fix this?

That’s how I left when recording the videos above.


The spring arm length is set to 0, as the x and y position.

I deactivated it on the Camera and activated it on the SpringArm.

Here it is my dude: https://ufile.io/4xnrd
Maybe I should’ve used the first person template instead of the third person… Later I’ll create a new project to see if the bug is there too.

Can you add a photo of the blueprint’s component tree?

Are you using “Use Pawn Control Rotation” to rotate the Camera and Mesh?

I can’t seem to find think of anything that could be wrong, but I can’t replicate the clipping it either.

Maybe you could include the Character’s uasset so that I can try and find out what is wrong?

Although I wasn’t able to replicate the head clipping bug, inside of your character you have these three options checked


I assume it is to rotate the arms along with the camera, but it is also rotating the capsule collision and all of its children (including the camera).

Unticking these boxes should solve your issue. As for the arms, I would recommend either childing them to the camera or spring-arm through C++, or in blueprint, just ignore the inherited one and add a different Skeletal Mesh (also childing them to the camera or spring-arm).

It worked! Thanks man. The problem was that the capsule was rotating with the camera.
So uncheked the pitch and roll and I put a new skeletal mesh in the camera manually. It worked.