FPP Tutorial - 4.1 - Animating your Character

Hi there,

I’ve been working through this tutorial, and everything has been fine up until this step.

When I click to import the 5 animations I don’t get the option to set the associated mesh to “HeroFPP_Skeleton”

The only option in the dropdown is “GenericMale_Skeleton” :frowning:

I’ve been back over the previous steps to see if I somehow missed something, but if I did, I can’t find it.

Other than this the tutorial has been fine, no real issues, and it’s playing exactly as the screenshots in the tutorial… so it doesn’t look like I’ve messed up, but I’m not sure what to do to get the HeroFPP_Skeleton to appear in the anim import dropdown?

Anyone had similar issues?

Whoops, of course, the title should be “FPS Tutorial” :S

Should be FPS Tutorial, oops!

First post nightmare! LOL.

I fixed the problem!

When importing the HeroFFP.fbx the import dialogue had “GenericMale_Skeleton” selected under mesh by default.

Selecting “none” there instead makes the HeroFPP_Skeleton appear and then the animation stuff works fine.

Probably obvious if you’re not a novice :S

You’re my savior! Thank you!