FPlatformFileManager and Android

I’ve spent a week or two now working on tools for Android to make it easier to use with UE4. My main goal at present is to read all the files from the Movies directory on a given phone and add all files with the extension .mp4 to a playlist so that the UE4 media player can play them. To this end I’ve used a snippet of code helpfully provided by Rama to iterate through a given path via a DirectoryVisitor which filters the resulting files by extension and adds the paths of said extension to a playlist. This works as intended on Windows and in the editor. Based off the information provided about FPlatformManager I believed that same code would run on Android in the same way, and provided the path to the Movies directory via a bit of code written to work with the JNI that provided it. Currently this snippet of code does not work and compiles and runs with no errors on my android device.

I’m no longer actively looking for an answer to this problem and have instead implemented a method to find paths to files via the JNI.