FOV Vive HTC and tear apart for modding and increase field of view (Samsung Note 5 LCD)

Hi guys, I think that someone should think at extreme modding of vive htc and maybe sell than a replacement part for the vive.

I have a gear vr and a note 5 and I felt full immersion into the games with NO black border/binocular vision at all!

Than I bought a vive htc and I find a bummer to see that black border :-/ No matter how much I get close to the lenses, the border is there. I think that is due to the way the vive (and also the rift) are built with separate LCDs.

I looked at this video of the vive tear apart

and I am wondering what could it be done to defeat the black border problem.

My thinking would be using a note 5 LCD in place of the 2 LCDs that come with the vie or the rift.

What do u think?