Four New Nodes in 4.3, Get Min/Max of Int/Float Array, Gifts for You!

Gifts from Me to You in 4.3

Four nodes I offered to Epic are now available in 4.3!

Min of Float Array
Max of Float Array

Min of Int Array
Max of Int Array

The bulk of this code was actually done in c++, I made a generic min and max function that accepts any variable type for which the < operator is defined.

I exposed this to blueprints only in the form of Int and Float arrays as that was deemed by Epic to be the simplest and best approach for now.

I originally made these for myself in C++ and in BP for Hourences for Project Solus and he mentioned it was really needed in the Engine itself so I offered it to Epic and they accepted it :slight_smile:

Here’s a picture of my nodes which you can now use in 4.3!

Awesome Rama! Hope to see the rest of your nodes integrated into the engine. :slight_smile:

Hee hee!

Thanks Jacky!


thanks for this, was looking for a simple way to do this and was hoping unreal would have something built in to use. this will be very handy.