"Found more than one function with the same name; second occurrence at ".

Hi there, I’m following a set of tutorials for look-based interaction in VR, and despite following the tutorials to the letter I’ve come across a problem: When I try to compile the blueprint for the object I’m looking at, I get these errors:


Since I can’t find the second location, I don’t know where to fix it. Any help would be much appreciated! :smiley:

If you cant find the second location then maybe just rename the function at the first location. The error is that two functions at the same level of encapsulation or namepsace have the same name without override, so changing the name of either one should solve the problem for both.

I have got the same problem but when I try to rename the function Unreal Engine crashes. Maybe somebody can help me.
Thanks in advance!

That sounds difficult. Would it be okay to delete the variable and start over with a new one and plug it into all the places the old one was removed from? Are there many places it was referenced?

Already did this, thank you!

I solve this problem by deleting the “Implemented Interfaces”,
By doing that you will be able to delete the functions that are duplicated.
After this, implement the interfaces again. ,