FOSS Positional tracking is here!

It would be nice if someone could give a helping hand bringing this positional tracking for Gear VR to UE4:

just wait a bit… inside out positional tracking is coming …

Well, considering JC has been working on it forever and there is no end in sight, I’d say the link above is the best solution. It also doesn’t put any stress on the phone itself and would work with Note 4 too.

I think inside-out tracking will be S7-only and up.

Yeah, probably, unless maybe if we get vulcan on S6 too…, that would lessen the load on cpu & gpu, to free up time for computer vision.

The rumor has it that S6 won’t be getting Vulkan :frowning:

Hello guys, I am the developer of the system cited above :slight_smile: As you understood already, this system is really efficient for phones because it directly sends the position over a websocket (compatible with Unity, and I guess UE4, but we can do TCP/IP too if needed). I don’t have a lot of time to work on it which is why it is open source, and I’d love people to be able to work on it and improve it :slight_smile:

Just bumping it up since the progress is being made with this project:

Note that UE4 plugin should follow next.

UPDATE: VR Tracker in action: