Forward Shading Issue un VR


I have a game for VR and I wanted to test the forward shading feature there so I enabled it and set the anti-aliasing to MSAA, made a build and became a pirate:


I don’t know why, but this weird block appears always on the right eye and I can’t see anything. Any idea of why is this happening?

Thanks in advance.

That might be an incompatible feature in your post process volume, do you have any Post Process materials plugged into your post process volume? If so, compile them and see if it gives you an error.

That’s it, I have a material with GBuffer which is unsupported in forward shading, thanks!

What can I do to remove the GBuffer and continue using the material?

You need to remove any SceneTexture nodes that aren’t SceneTexture:SceneDepth, as depth is the only node that’s compatible with the forward renderer. Depending on what your material is doing, if it can’t be re-made without gbuffer nodes then you might not be able to continue using it.