Forward rendering/shading issue - 4.15.3 issue but upgraded to 4.18.2 and still not working.

I am trying to use the forward shading option for a VR project, because I was told this would improve things, but when I turn it on it’s making my thumbnails black and just generally messing up the lighting and making things look terrible.

There has been some previous discussion about this:…rendering.html

Some comment suggested the issue was fixed in 4.17, but when I updated to 4.18.2 from 4.15.3 it still didn’t fix the lighting. Any ideas?

Did you try to clean up your project first by deleting the Saved, Build, Intermediate folders? (Just make a safety backup copy first) Keep only Content, Config, Source (if any) and the .uproject file. This will force the Editor to rebuild all transient assets and it may fix your issue.